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We are currently looking to recruit Mature and Respectable hard playing active free aiming PS4 users. MUST BE WILLING TO PROSPECT or if you are currently a patch member elsewhere must be willing to probate for a minimum of one week.
We are not a large chapter, & were looking to stay small and tight knit. Looking for individuals interested in Role Playing, working together as a chapter to make as much money for everyone as possible, whether it be jobs, missions, heists or even participating in individual business ventures benefiting another member. Participating in weekly rides and church meetings where we will discuss club business and votes. We have many ally chapters and look to fill each session with other angels for a better experience.
if your interested in becoming a member please contact me via psn: Chinny2393
if your interested in aligning next to us also feel free to contact



1. Loyalty to the club always comes first. First to the club itself, by respecting your colors and cuts above all else. And secondly, though no less important, to your brothers. In any situation its not about whether your brother is right or wrong, but the fact that he is your brother. All members must be prepared to give their lives for either one of the two.

2. All members must at all times adhere to the clubs spirit of rebellion and reject conformist culture.

3. The President is the supreme commander of the club. Any member found to be spreading contention or rebellion in the club (be against the President or club policies,) will either be severely dealt with and/or stripped of his patch.

4. Respect the clubs strict code of silence. Any member found guilty of divulging club business, policies, or goings on to anyone that is not a member unless specifically directed by the President, will be severely dealt with and/or stripped of his patch. What you hear here, what you see here, what you say here, stays here.

5. The clubs code of honor and code of conduct is strictly enforced. Any member found guilty of cowardice, or inadequate behavior will be severely dealt with and/or stripped of his patch.

6. Any member found guilty of stealing from or conning another member, will be severely dealt with and/or stripped of his patch.

7. Any member found guilty of not helping another member in genuine trouble will be severely dealt with and/or stripped of his patch.

Wearing the patch demands more than just having a good time. There is a responsibility and commitment to the club and brotherhood. Every members main priority is to give rather than receive. Give respect, expect respect. Act with disrespect, and expect nothing less in return. Loyalty breeds loyalty.

1. must be a ps4 user
2.Must have a Mic
3.Must be a male of age 16+
4.Every prospective member must prospect for at least 5-10 days MINIMUM but not exclusive to. Exception made by unanimous vote. other wise a majority vote required for patch in
5.once patched in REQUIRED TO ATTEND weekly church sessions. Exceptions made by top of command chain.

CODE OF CONDUCT: LOYALTY is the most important thing among our charter and our club . When I started this club I wanted it to be a tightly knit charter that the members truly know care and play together everyday these rules are set in place so this continues. Real life comes first ALWAYS BUT THIS CREW IS YOUR 1st Priority after that. Absolutely NEVER tell a brother no. NO messing with other members will be tolerated. No crew killing No shooting at each other. No trying to knock each other off our bikes we stay in formation at all times. IF a brother falls behind or off his bike we all wait. If he is knocked off we raise hell to those who caused it random car or human. NO OTHER VEHICLES ARE TO BE USED OTHER THAN WESTERNS WHEN RIDING WITH OTHER CLUB MEMBERS missions and getaways are the only exception. No Club member is to travel alone when other brothers are in the session for any reason. We are all here to ride and raise hell TOGETHER as a motorcycle club. If some one so much as accidently sends a bullet our way and we are at war with our brothers and if you do not have your brothers back to not expect to keep your patch. the patch should never leave your back! If you are not wearing a cut the patch should still be displayed. WE SHOULD BE YOUR DEFAULT CREW AT ALL TIMES. BEING A MEMBER & ESPECIALLY FIRST NINE IS A PRIVILEGE IF YOU CAN NOT SET A GOOD EXAMPLE YOU WILL BE DEMOTED OR WORSE STRIPPED OF YOUR PATCH. As I said earlier real life comes first but you know what day church is i send out a message way in advanced & time is always adjustable so every member can attend if you cant make it get in contact with higher ranking officers prior to FRIDAY SO we can try to accommodate everyones schedule. AS A PROSPECT YOU ARE TO DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD HOW BAD DO YOU WANT YOUR PATCH.? Wait outside the chapel during church no its not necessary your being there but good will goes a long way. Wait outside and guard the door while members are inside stores or mod shops. Ride in the back of the pack and keep the brigade safe. Like I said we are tight and close knit and we intend to keep it that way. This process will weed out the people who dont truly want to be here for the right reasons.





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Hey, you already have a recruitment post here, please stick to one topic as per the recruitment rules.



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