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Online DLC or singleplayer DLC?


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Hey guys,


I was pretty dissapointed by the lack of singleplayer DLC in gtav, and in my opinion i put that down to how succesful gta online was. I remember rockstar teased that there would be singleplayer DLC early on during the release of GTAV, unfortunately it never saw the day of light.



I would like to do a poll but im a noob and on my phone.


So my question is, would you prefer a nice sized story DLC or free map packs, guns and other smaller stuff every now and then?


Of course i would love both, but rockstar seems to have found success in multiplayer and that has obviously impacted their approach to singleplayer, sadly.

Edited by Red XIII
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I'd rather have a Story Mode DLC. Let's not forget that both Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare are still considered two of the best single player DLCs ever released.

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Singleplayer should get DLC, and for RD Online they should constantly add stuff via free updates.

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J.Dillinger Blackheart

personally ill take a single player over online dlc. i dont want to see R* lose sight of what made them the powerhouse they are today, STORY! I dont mind free online updates but with GTAV, updates got dull and boring after year 2. But i would prefer SP DLC over anything else imo.

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Same thing as the Single Player or Multiplayer Focus thread, as the poll also discusses DLC.



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