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Worst Songs/Albums You've Ever Listened To

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Don't slam others for liking it, but judge criticize the album or song. Just giving a heads up.


Anyways I'll give my take: The Enemy - Streets in the Sky

To me it sounds like the same crap they've been producing, it was hella bland to me and overall wasn't very good.

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Femme Fatale


Edited by Achlys
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"Barbie Girl" by Aqua. I don't understand why anyone likes that song. In my opinion, it's kind of annoying. Hearing that song on the radio is like nails on a chalkboard.


Another 90's hit I can't stand is "Tu Es Foutu" by In-Grid (more like Off-Grid). Hearing that harmonica at the start is like the gates of Hell opening, or when the brown note from South Park would play. Again, no idea why many people like this music from those cheese eating surrender monkeys.


I'm probably gonna get a lot of hate for this but I don't like anything by the Gipsy Kings, especially that "Bamboleo" song or whatever, it sounds the same as most of their tracks (except for that Village People-esque track), bland, and overall, not very good.

Edited by Ivan1997GTA

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Sunrise Driver

Prepare for your ears to bleed:



Also the usual s**t: Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, modern pseudorap (heavily mixed with trap, pop and fake r&b) etc.


+ most Trap tracks.

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This song is still stuck in my mind, I always hear it on every radio station, The Weeknd' songs always were annoying to me:




Another singer I mention is Sia, I remember her on Zero 7 collaborations, the albums I dislike on her solo career are: "This is Acting" and "1000 Forms of Fear" and her collaboration with Giorgio Moroder on "Deja Vu" album.


And another song I can't stand is "Lean On" by Major Lazer, annoying as hell:



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Homemade Dynamite

The entirety of One More Light by Linkin Park. Just when I thought I could appreciate their post-Hybrid Theory/Meteora material, they make this pile of garbage. Only one song with rapping, no screaming, barely audible guitar, Mr. Hahn is completely in the background with nothing to do, bland production, uninspired lyrics, and the complete abandonment of being a rock band. The worst part is that they made fun of the people who hated on the album, essentially saying they're not "true fans". They never had to defend an album before, but before Chester and Mike had to go out to do that, how pathetic. I'm glad the critics tore this album apart, it deserved every bad review it got. This album is the literal definition of selling out.


Seriously, just listen to this pile of garbage and tell me this is what Linkin Park is supposed to be.





Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna listen to some classic Hybrid Theory/Meteora tracks and pretend One More Light never existed.

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@Dynamite, pretty much this. Because of that "Heavy" thing, I thought there's a second band called Linkin Park.


OT: Pretty much everything by Tove Lo. Period.

Edited by (Ambient)

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