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Does anyone else think a punishment system will exist?

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First off, i'm not talking about blowing up certain owned things of the player, for example, cars in GTA 5. I'm talking about excessive killing and overall bad behavior. My biggest issue with the first installment's multiplayer was the amount of times I was killed. It felt like I was constantly being hunted for sport, and there was nothing I could do about it. I remember hearing about a bully system, in which if a player killed too many people, they would always be wanted, but I thought that was pure fiction, since the barrage of bullets never stopped coming my way. It was a major factor in ruining the multiplayer experience for me. I hope ever so dearly that some kind of system will be created where it punishes players for killing too much. I hope as well that some of you other kind people have had this same frustrating experience before, and can share your thoughts. :lol:



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I've been playing some rdr online today and there were people doing hideouts etc having a good time progressing but I couldn't help but ride around killing them constantly ruining their fun :p

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There was a Wanted system thing going on in the first Redemption Online where killing sheriffs and their deputies, civilians and farm animals and such will put a price on your head. This will cause other players to hunt for that Wanted criminal player. After killing the Wanted dude ( I've forgotten if you get rewarded or not) their Wanted red dot thing goes away.

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Rockstar has evolved and learned from GTA Online that bad behavior and bullying are rewarded, not punished. This is why jets, and frustrating, unblalanced free-roam activities, and no passive lobbies. Ruiners of fun are Rockstar's most zealous and lucrative community. They are the chosen ones.


So, yeah, I wouldn't expect things to be better in RDR2 online. Sorry.

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If I remember correctly, If you killed someone 10 times in a row, you became "most wanted" or something like that. Your icon changed to a skull too and other players would get a bonus if you were killed.

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Doodling Hitman

If there's one thing I hated about GTA V, is that you get punished for destroying another player's car, or that you can't even enter it. Uhm, hello? It's GTA we're playing, not civilized sims. Why can't I just smash this player's car? Oh, it's locked? Well, I could just break open the window, no? The only way I see how to protect your car is to get it all armored up so that you can't break inside. But, since Red Dead don't have no cars, I guess we'll see a super serious saddle lock, right?

I certainly don't hope for players to get PUNISHED for killing other players in RDR2. I liked the wanted system, since that's not a punishment, but more an achievement. It made other players aware that you're dangerous. It was fun.

If you don't want to get killed constantly, just run away to a place where there aren't as many players. I did that today as well in RDR. I got killed lots, but escaped and had my revenge a couple of times by killing them. What you could also do is, if passive mode makes a return, just enter that. Or go into a friendly lobby. That is, if we get 3 categories again like friendly, normal and hardcore.

Seriously, I think it's flat out stupid to punish people for doing bad sh*t in a game that's all about it. Or you know, you could decide what kind of player you are. A nice helpful person, or just a serial killer. There will always be murderous players around.

Also, you could also decide in which area to spawn in RDR after dying. So it's actually kinda easy to get away from spawn killing. :p

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They need a better more monitored system the one currently in GTAO is complete trash & does nothing...you use to be able to record proof post to support & wipe your hands of the issue...now you get a automatic response saying use the in game report function...maybe i would if it worked...


Just my thoughts


As far as a bad sport kinda thing for say shooting another players horse no...thats foolish & should have never existed in a PVP online mode...you give players no choice with kuramas or tail ends of zentornos...


If you think it isnt about PVP then ask yourself why...

1.PVP Kdr

2.Finance & other felony & Biker DLC

3.A kill feed & stats based around killing other players


My opinion may not be agreed with may even be disliked but if you dont like PVP dont buy games with PVP..

Edited by CobrasCurse

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Antisocial knobs shouldn't be able to (or be encouraged to) run around killing or attacking everyone in sight with impunity, that's not quite what these games are about no matter being PvP inclusive, so of course there should be in-game consequences to that kind of behaviour (ganking and griefing, harassment, etc.).


A proper bounty system would be a great start. Brutal enough that a target is placed on the offender's head that other players can not pass up hunting them repeatedly, ruining their gameplay for a change, for a nice reward. E;G: just been chasing *player C* and murdering them six times over and over again for no reason other than to harass and ruin another player's experience? Then you should have a hefty bounty placed on your head that recurs each time you respawn 6 times. Offenders should also be billed for the bounty payment, if they can't afford it then their assets sold of and/or incur a debt. Any bounty system we see should not be as frivolous as they have in online games thus far, they are always pointless. Actually make it a punishment for being a douchebag and motivation to behave.

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Gleeman Vox

"You destroyed a Personal (mount) you payed a fee of Y"

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If the map has a prison or jail in the sheriff's office, why not put players with bounties on their heads in there for a set time once they're killed/captured by other players? it keeps punishments in-universe and immersive.

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