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Least favorite Rockstar Title?

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GTA V. Easily the worst SP of both 3d and hd era gta games.


Though, to be fair, that's only out of the gta series...

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GTA Advance and Manhunt 2

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1) Table Tennis

2) Sate Of Emergency

3) Gta V

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People saying GTA V was the worst for them must've played 4-5 R* games or so. Or just trolling.


Or, you know, are able to hold and express their own opinion? The topic quite clearly asks what our least favourite Rockstar title is, does it not?


For me, out of the titles I've played, the 2 that come top of my list as the ones I least enjoyed would be -


State Of Emergency - Was enjoyable for the first hour or 2, but the game quickly became so insanely repetitive after this, and didn't really offer much in terms of replayability, hell, even just to play it at all.


GTA:V - Nope, not trolling or whatever, this game has been the worst GTA title i've ever had to play through, and that includes the 2 Stories games. The story held little to zero interest for me, and that goes for the characters involved too, from the protagonists to the NPC's, and the gameplay was beyond tedious once the story had been cleared up. Was quite simply just a template for the Online, of which has become a case of grinding away to pay for the ridiculously priced items, or pay with real cash...no thanks...

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