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Loading screen and options changed after crash


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My game crashed yesterday and on restarting the loading screens are different. At the bottom of the screen the only options are quit, settings and story mode, and in the settings menu there is no online section.


I can only get to online by going into story mode first then selecting my online character.


Once i load online, there are some changes to positioning of the radar window and notifications, but otherwise everything seems to work ok.


Can anyone suggest a solution?

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Also, after selecting the online character,I have to accept the t&cs and EULA. Then I get offered to check if I have any previous gta online data eligible for transfer.


Seems like some files must have been corrupted when the game crashed.

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yeah I have the same problem, mine has been like it for the last month or so.

Also some of the options in settings need to be changed every time.

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I got the following response after opening a support ticket, and the problem is now resolved:


Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support.
We apologize for any inconvenience this issue might have caused. We would like you to try some troubleshooting steps which will help you to fix the problem of having to constantly accept the EULA every time you go online:
•Locate the Rockstar Games directory in your My Documents Folder (..../My Documents/Rockstar Games/GTA V)
•Backup any files located in this folder to a different location on your computer
•Once you have all files backed up, delete the Profiles Folder, the Launcher.log, and settings.xml files.
•Once these files are deleted, go ahead and launch the game and start a Story Mode session.
•Once you complete the prologue, find a solid save point and go to Online play.
•Once you have accepted the EULA, verify that you are able to properly connect to GTA Online
Once you are done with these steps, go ahead and reload the game and try connecting to GTA Online again and see if your issue still persists. If the issue is gone, replace the files and continue playing the game.
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