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Undead Nightmare 2

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I am worried about RDR2. T2 has said microtransactions will be in every title going forward and Strauss Zelnicks speaches about chopping wood, calling players who don't spend money on cash cards freeloaders and his whole recurrent consumer spending speech, there isn't a chance in HELL they won't milk RD online dry just like gta online and just use the name and brand to hide the fact that it's a $60 free to play online game. I seriously hope im wrong or else my copy will be either not played much if not at all or going back to the store.

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I think rather than repeat Undead Nightmare (although it was probably the best DLC for any game I've played) I'd like to see something different.


I had an idea for something they could do.. an 'Extinction' DLC where humans and animals are given a number, and that is the amount of them within the game world. The aim of the game is to kill off every last shred of life.


The first couple of kills wouldn't make too much of a difference, but as more people die and news starts to spread, eventually people will start becoming more hostile and groups would band together for safety.


Early on as you go from town to town, it would be easier as they'd be more populated and less prepared, but eventually you'd have to use other methods to find people, such as finding clues such as reading telegrams or notes left in sherriffs offices or saloons.


You could also use different methods to start killing people such as killing off animals which would cause panic and starvation, or hiring a group of outlaws to accompany you into towns and kill everyone.


Eventually the population would get so low that you'd have to track the last survivors down and try to kill them, but they'd also try to kill you on sight. Each time you die the population would slightly increase again.


...A man can dream :turn:

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If they drop the game this spring its possible to see undead nightmare 2 this October.

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I would be shocked if they didn't do another Undead Nightmare. I think that Undead Nightmare belongs just as much to the Red Dead series as horses. It is one of the highest rated add ons for a game ever and was also highly popular.

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I wish for two SP DLC's: One ridicilous ( undead nightmare 2) and one more grounded which would be a mexico expansion

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