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Are you looking for a new MC?


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Hey everybody, this is G00NY and I'm National Sgt. At Arms for the Grim Boys MC on Xbox One. We've recently had a revival at the release of the Biker DLC and we are recruiting! We don't demand anything from you but simple obdience and loyalty.


We've got a few must follow rules.


1. Ages 18+

2. Do NOT under any circumstances, shoot at your club members.

3.Microphones are required. Kinect is fine.

4.Try not to fight with other club members, I will have to settle it (try not to make me do that)

5.Only Bikes Allowed - Wester Bagger, Western Daemon LCC Hexer, LCC Inovation, and all Biker DLC chopper styled bikes. NO STUNT BIKES.

6.Attire will be explained before your hang around period.

7.Bike Customization is 100% your choice.

8. Do not damage or destroy another persons bike, and do not sit on another persons bike unless specified to do so.

9. Above everything else, enjoy yourselves and be reasonable, if you have any questions, ask.


Explaining how we work - We have a hang-around period that is a minimum of 3 days and then if we decide to patch you in, you'll be a prospect for up to 2 weeks depending on what you show the First Four. We will give you the full rundown once we get you in!


Reply to this topic, or message me on Xbox One, @ G00NYxD (w/ zeros, not o's"!




Saddle up maniacs, Join Grim Boys today!

Edited by G00nyxd
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