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Apartment 3c


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:r*: Stumbled across a hidden apartment on the south of island 1, after a nasty bail on my pcj, its a second floor apartment wit a chainsaw inside and bloodstained walls, has any1 else seen this and are there any more?

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Man, are you in for a flaming......


OK, see that search option on the left of the screen?  click on it and type in "3c" then choose "general discussion" under the "Vice City" section of the forum.


I did and I got 2 pages of hits.

including this post:

Nov 6 2002


Where TheApoc posted, and I quote:

"No, the best is Apartment 3C. Just a little bit away from your first save point are some white apartments. Go upstairs on one and you'll find an open door. It then loads the interior and you'll find the cocaine, the bathroom, the blood all over the wall and the chainsaw.

"You want the chainsaw gringo?"

"And now, the leg"

Scarface's drug deal gone wrong where every line is something the Colombians say in GTA 3.... the location is replicated down to the TV by the bathroom door.

Now that's a little detail :-) "



It only takes about 30 seconds to do a quick search of the forum to see if anyone Else has posted your topic.  Remember, this forum has been open for well over 5 months and people have been posting about 3c since mid october.  


I know it's exciting when you find something new and all you want to do is share your discovery, but you've got to remember, there is NOTHING that you can see/do in the game that has not been done and posted about at great length before.  So just do a quick search of the forum and post your though in a like topic.  This will bring that topic to the top of the forum and allow others to post in it again as well (this also stops the multiple posts of the same topic taking up space in the forum).



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It was also in the wrong topic!!



Messiah To The Animals


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