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Meme MC patch request


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I am looking for someone to make an MC patch for a group of friends and I. The specs are as follows:


Colours: red on black

Name: Flacid MC (yes it's spelled wrong on purpose)

Bottom Rocker: Los Santos

Centre piece: two crossed AK-47's with flaccid barrels (like in the picture include) with a bike with ape hangers with similarly flaccid handlebars, being ridden by a skeleton. (Reference picure below).


Extras: MC in a rectangle on the left side. If possible, a stitching pattern would be nice, but is not required.


AK-47 reference picture



Bike reference picture


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I don't think this type of patch will be made on this site. I have a troll type MC you can have if you want. Send me a message if interested.

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It's not really a troll, though, it's meant for a clan im in that want to make a gta Crew, that crew being an mc. I feel like it's sort of wrong to just ignore a legitimate request because someone deems it a "troll". It isn't a troll, I'm 100% serious about wanting this so my clan can expand to gta.

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The Sullinator

Right in his defense this is exactly the type of parody that's all over GTA. Rockstar does it relentlessly.


However unless you can find the center piece you actually want in your patch, I can't do anything with it. Because I have no idea how to make those two images work together into a center piece.

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