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Mapping Red Dead Redemption 2! Landmark Analysis Thread

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Made an update to the terrain map. Went in and fixed a few more issues. Added a more realistic colour pallet.      3D view: https://skfb.ly/6AXNp

I realise I don't have a good time of day, but note the gap in the floorboards in RDR1

Río del Lobo?  

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Yes, at the corner of Canal street and St Charles Avenue

Edited by koeklin
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First time posting content in here, hi everyone!

I'm blown away by the amount of work that has been done to establish RDR2 landmarks : ) I do in-game architectural tours on Xbox and PC and had to go through this research on my own - would've been neat to find this forum before. 

I'm adding a few items in here- looked at the updated map and did my best to make sure these weren't already posted. 

I'm Trying to figure out how to post photos, so hold my beer. Here are the details in the meantime:


  1. Aguasdulces plantation, Guarma  vs. Cafetal La Isabelica, Cuba
  2. Shady Belle, Lemoyne  VS.   Southern Oak plantation, Louisiana
  3. Church of the holy blessed virgin VS. The third Christ Church (demolished) Designed by T.K. Wharton circa 1847
  4. Maynard’s Music House, St Denis VS. Touro building, New Orleans
  5. Saint Denis Times Tribute, St Denis VS. Gianni Building, New Orleans 
  6. Train station in VanHorn VS. Omega train station (Ohio?)
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Great find @dramapaprika, thanks for the Cafetal La Isabelica in Cuba and Omega train station in Ohio (why not Ohio? 😄).
The Giani building and the Touro Buildings were found before RDR2 release. 
I'm not convinced by the third Christ Church and Southern Oak plantation but it doesn't matter.

Van Horn seems to be a small town in the game but not in the real life: so... After Natchez Mississippi and Omega in Ohio, welcome in Romania (Don't ask, I don't understand why...🤔 ).


An abandoned lighthouse near Sulina, Romania / Van Horn lighthouse





Edited by koeklin
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