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GTA San Andreas or GTA4


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About 3 months ago we all heard about Grand Theft Auto 4. Well, more recently, I've heard news about GTA: San Andreas.


And also, as we all know, GTA: Vice City is a sort of expansion for GTAIII. Yesterday I was told that GTA: San Andreas was an expansion for GTA4... I said, "Bullsh*t! GTA4 hasn't even been released yet, and GTA: San Andreas is supposedly supposed to be coming out before GTA4".


But just to prove it to him, I was wondering if you would share your opinions. :)


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next year, SA will be released, it will be similar to vice and gta3.

A few years later, on ps3, GTA4 will be released, an all new GTA with a new engine

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are you sure Gta4 will be made for Ps3. There has been no news of Ps3. It could take sometime before Ps3 is relised! :wtf:

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actually they have, I think that IGN has an article about the PS3, I remember hearing something about it but can't remember where though, if it wasn't IGN that had something about it.

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But is the release of Ps3 gona happen before 2004! :wtf:

The PS 3 will prolly be out in 2005, late 2004 would be the earliest I'd expect to see it.  Here's some more info on the PS 3:




There is a thread with some unofficial, but very possibly true information about GTA San Andreas on the Playstation 2 and then GTA 4 on the Playstation 3.




And here's how I speculate it will happen (as I mentioned in the other thread.)


GTA 1 - Ground breaking original debut to the series on PS One (after pc relaese)

-GTA London add-on

-GTA 2 - Similar format to GTA 1

GTA 3 - Ground breaking original on PS 2

-GTA VC - Similar GTA 3 format

-GTA SA - Similar GTA 3 format  (Late 2003/early 2004 ?)

GTA 4 -  Ground breaking original on PS 3 (2005 ?)


So I'm guessing that it would be most logical if Rockstar made San Andreas in the similar format to GTA 3 and VC.  This way all GTA 1 cities are covered with the rendeerware engine on the PS 2 and GTA 4 would be an entirely new 3D engine and an overall new format to the series for the PS 3.


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Here's the way I see it- there is little that we can say about upcoming GTA games, since we have little valid evidence. When more official press releases are shown, then I think we can begin discussing this sort of thing. But now, all this really is is unconfirmed speculation. I don't doubt the format mentioned in the previous reply, however, and think that it is a significant possibility.

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