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Flying territory glitch new effect (SAN_AND visible and + 1 to territo

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After many months I finally got the whole map with territories. After that I tried to check what flying out of the map would do to them, although I didnt have much expectations. This time however, I went with the food menu activated by using the airliner flight trick, so this way CJ wouldn`t starve to death. Strangely I got a result I had never seen before, the whole state territory SAN_AND became visible (prior to doing that I had already given 40 GSF density to it) and also became recognized by the stats, as prior to doing that it would say I had 378 territories, but after doing that it said I had 379 territories. After that I tried doing the same thing but without food menu activated, even though I flew for a much much much longer time it didnt have the same result, so I decided to do it again having the food menu again, and the same thing happened. I couldnt observe any ill side effects from doing that, such as disable taxi mission, I guess thats because I didnt have to fly for too long in order to achieve this. So, this happened completely by accident, I wasnt expecting this, also, I have no idea flying out of the map + food menu activated had such strange and interesting result:


Of course I dont think any of this would have happened if I hadnt already added 40 GSF to SAN_AND beforehand:



As it can be seen, in the upper video the map looks a lot more green than below, thanks to SAN_AND being now visible.


Also, this was done completely tool free, all of the territories and higher density were obtained exclusively through the use of territory glitch:


So anyone has any hint why something like this have happened? Flying out of the map has been long known to cause strange effects to the map, but why having the food menu activated seem to cause yet another effect to territories when flying away. Interesting enough its not needed to fly for a very long time to see the results, in few minutes SAN_AND should become visible.

Edited by rhans
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I'm still uncertain about a lot of details, but my first thought is that your glitch has more to do with the messed up radar caused by fixing the camera with the Atrium rather than a date. Leading into the Hydra, the radar is offset, and when CJ is on foot the San Andreas zone name is displayed. The proper zone is displayed when driving vehicles, but I didn't see any zone names displayed after entering the Hydra. When you said you did things the same way without the food menu, what parts did you skip? Was the radar still offset? Did zone names display in the same way when on foot or driving? What happens if you fixed the camera "properly" with a date and kept the food menu active? What happens if you pull CJ out of a different interior without a menu option?


Do you have before and after saves I can use to look for differences that might account for the coloring of the San Andreas zone?

Edited by OrionSR
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Thanks Orion, I think it has to do with that too. I havent tryed fixing the camera by dating GF yet, but I noticed that doing it fixes the map. I have a save that SAN_AND has 10 GSF and 30 Ballas density, in the video I had already taking it over so it had only 40 GSF density, but I dont think any of that matter, I guess the only difference is that SAN_AND will look purple after doing that. Here is the save before (SAN_AND with densitys but invisible):


And here is the save after (SAN_AND visible):



Thanks once again for your help.



Edit: I said 30 Ballas density, I think i got it wrong. I think it has actually 48 Ballas density or 58 GSF after I took it over.

Edited by rhans
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