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Motorcycle Type's and Offroad Tires


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Which tires are off road type tires for motorcycles? Also I already read a thread where someone had asked about Cafe Racer's in game. The thread suggests using a PCJ. So question on that is which version is the better option and what upgrades are suggested? Also any advice as to what Street Bike would work for making a bike similar to a Crotch Rocket Dirt bike? I'm also looking for something along the line's of a Sport Tracker/ Flat Track styled bike also.


PS3 bikes mainly since I'm still on that till I upgrade to the 4 but add the suggestions on bikes from the 4 as well. I'll be buying one eventually. Thank's

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When it comes to bike tires. The only thing that changes things are tire size.


Some tires add more girth to the tire. Which allows slightly better lift when jumping and riding over things. For example the `bobber`style.

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OK So no off road type tires for motorcycles. They should have given us street tires and off road tires for the bikes. So basically no chance to really get a Flat Tracker type bike or a super moto then from the looks of it. The Street Fighter type I guess is the closest thing to what I was going for..

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no supermoto on last gen without modding street tires on a Sanchez unfortunately.


but the manchez on ps4 is everything I could want in a motard



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If you are still of PS3 get a modder to hook you up with and Enduro with street tires, about as close as you can get to Cafe Racer on LG.



Or like Psymin said, get them to put some street wheels on the Sanchez.


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