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Red dead redemption save editor

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OK as we know john gets replaced by jack at the end of the game and he gets 3 exclusive outfits. The bureau uniform, us army uniform and us marshal uniform. Beta screenshots of John wearing these outfits exist and the icons for John wearing them exist in the game files and blacked out versions can be seen in the outfit select screen. The only outfit of these John can wear is the army outfit but only in undead nightmare. My question is can a 100% game save be edited with hazards save editor or some other editor so jack is replaced with john and he can once again wear these outfits? And if so how do you do it?

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I don't think so. After all these years, I have yet to see any save editor or console mod that restores John after the story. Which I find surprising.

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This is an old topic, I know but this forum is pretty dead and I got plenty of stuff to say regarding Jack's exclusive uniforms so...


Back in 2015, I did some testing with a glitch that allowed you to play as John after the story is complete by glitching character swap of "Jack attack" cheat. It basically was about riding a horse super fast then jumping off it and activating "Jack attack" cheat, when done correctly the game would forget to change John's model to Jack and allowed you to play that exclusive stranger mission about killing Ross with John's model and let you use "Man in uniform" cheat but... when I tried to swap my outfit to any other the game simply froze which made me think that some sort of save editing is required to make these uniforms properly unlocked as John.


I tried to use some save editor later on that had feature to unlock all outfits for John. The feature did work and it did unlock all of the outfits... with an exception of uniforms, it just removed the "undiscovered outfit" flag from them which meant if for example I clear all New Austin gang hideouts I'll unlock the U.S. Marshal uniform... which I later did and as expected "got" the outfit and that extra % to the 100%. When I went to the menu outfit just turned black with no scrap to complete HOWEVER, the scrap would reappear after either some in-game time or a simple game reboot, don't remember exactly what. This glitched outfit gave me the possibility of potentially getting glitched 100% save as John by simply unlocking the glitched U.S. Marshal uniform again and again. Sadly, I didn't use that opportunity to get fake 100% completion and see what happens with Bureau Uniform. 

Speaking of U.S. Army uniform... I did get that unpurchaseable item for last scrap by using save editor for it too and exactly same thing happened as with U.S. Marshal uniform, except no scraps to complete reappeared (or they did but were all marked as complete).


Few months ago, I tried to emulate the game on my PC and use jedijosh's mod menu to swap character models after using "Jack attack" cheat which automatically completes the story as the game runs horrible on my PC when emulating. When I did swap Jack's model to John the outfit icons were swapped to John's as well and I could change into any outfit without the game freezing... with an exception of Jack's exclusive uniforms which leads me to believing that John's models for exclusive uniforms were simply deleted/toggled off.

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