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What makes YOU awesome? :)

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I think that people who tell you they have the means and power to "deal with you" but don't tell you how and let you wait for months and still don't tell you how are awesome. Idk what's more awesome, believing in bullsh*t or making bullsh*t up.

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Mr. Scratch

I can smoke a pound in a single bound, so I guess that?

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Short Stay
On 6/7/2018 at 9:45 PM, Tigereyesxx said:

Very good at Cunnilingus......

Damn, if you'd been any good at rimming I'd have PM'd you.

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Nothing makes me awesome.

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Lucius M. Galloway
Posted (edited)

 I've always been the quiet kid in the back of the classroom. The one they watched out for, and looked back at in awe whenever I said something. The last 3 years of being in school, before high school, were pure hell. You couldn't hold a conversation with anyone at my school because they were all bad brats who are dead or in prison now, and I have not an ounce of f*cking sorrow.


 Instead, I rejoice. My social skills kind of suffered though, and I went to my new school a mute that people always asked about. 

"Why doesn't he talk?"

"Why is he so quiet?"
The ones that asked those questions were chatterboxes who'd never shut the f*ck up, and boy were there an abundance of them. I write more than I talk, but I can also talk to someone as long as they're willing to listen.


 Now I'm no Valedictorian or Honors student, but I could beat anyone at their game when I put my mind to it. That's the strongest thing about me. I've got tenacity. Never tell me what I can't do, I'll make you eat those f*cking words. Never give me an idea. I'll make it worth a million dollars before the day is over. However, I didn't discover that I could be just like them until the 12th grade, so of course my GPA wouldn't skyrocket by graduation. Motivational quotes, scoldings, none of that sh*t worked.


 If I'm going to do something, if I'm going to own it...I have to put my mind to it. And after 11 years in school, I finally did it. Late...but I did it. That mentality was birthed when my English teacher, I'll never forget him, Austin sat down with me and asked about my grades. He specifically asked me what average I held in English.

"A B," I said.

"Why can't it be an A?" He replied.


 That was the longest moment of silence I had between another person and me. Why couldn't it be an A? That's how I took control of my last year. I owned the work and I didn't let it own me. I said f*ck everybody else, all that matters is me. Later that year I submitted an essay for a contest and won.


 Still have the poster card in my closet, but I won't show it because—now that I look back on it, it was a horrible f*cking essay that even the future me wouldn't have submitted. But when graduation practices started and they handed out awards, they had a medal for me on the stand.


 I never went to get it. Instead I sat right where I was, people looking at me left and right as the woman called my name. I've always kept a low profile, so I was surprised that many people knew me by my name and face to look in my direction.

I didn't want an award for something that was one, not my best, and two, in front of hundreds of people.


 Hundreds of people I hated, and would rather spit on than smile to. I hate the spotlight. I hate people looking at me and judging when they don't know what goes on in my head. When they don't know what it takes to make this sh*t possible.  


 You just don't wake up one day and jump right into it. It takes devotion. You have to love it. If you don't...it'll show. It's stressful, and I spend every hour of the day picking sh*t apart, deleting 13,000 words because I didn't like how I wrote a specific chapter. Yet I go bonkers when my teacher tells me to write a 1,000 word essay about a subject I give two f*cks about. Every time I near the end of one (chapter), I think to myself, what did I do here that won't make me delete all this sh*t a week later? 


 So when people claim to know me like their best f*cking bud, when they claim to be proud of me and only show up when I've accomplished something..*sigh*...all they know is the fake smile I put on...and the occasional conversation that comes with it.


So the question is...what makes me awesome? I've answered this question plenty of times, but each time, that answer changes. To answer it once and for all, what makes me awesome is that I'm versatile...I'm an underdog through and through. I'll never tell you in real life...but...it's who I am...and it's what I love. Is it wrong to love yourself? Love what you do so much that it makes you appear crazy to other people?


 Maybe so...but until I'm dead, I'm always going to be me. f*ck anyone who has a problem with it.

Edited by Lucius M. Galloway

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Short Stay
On 6/28/2018 at 12:16 PM, Lucius M. Galloway said:

So the question is...what makes me awesome? I've answered this question plenty of times, 

Really? People have asked you that very question plenty of times?  You really must be awesome.



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On 6/28/2018 at 9:16 PM, Lucius M. Galloway said:




What the hell did I just read..

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16 hours ago, ddubz91 said:


What the hell did I just read..

Something a spree killer would leave behind for the media.

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I can rotate my arms in opposite directions of each other at max speed (one rotating forward, the other rotating backwards).  Just watching other people do it and really thinking about how to do it always amuses me.  Kind of like a twist on that "rub your belly while patting your head" trick.

A particular hobby of mine involving rope lies within a broad interest.  I create masterful pieces of living art... In short, I love Shibari and at least one weekend a month I do rigging demonstration and/or performances with the help of a lovely vict...errr volunteer 😈.  I've been doing knotwork in general since before my teenage years, and it has translated well into my adult life.

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