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Time to retire Simeon's text messages?


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I do it every time. I wish it was expanded and we could do it more.

Would you prefer lower payouts too :) ?

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I hope it gets removed out of the game 1 day. So annoying to have to do em each day just to be sure you dont get a 2 star wanted level each time when stealing the blue n yellow sentinals.

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lol.. No. It must be the way i play, i usually just steal a simeon vehicle next to a LSC and just drive it inside. No chase.


Simeon Vehicle + Blue sand king + Store robbery + Daily Objectives = easily over 50k within my first 25 to 30min online.

After that you can do your missions or ceo/Mc thing or whatever you like to do. But i don't care how u play just don't complain thats its hard to make money when its not.

Or complain how expensive a dlc is when you had the chance to make money but you rather mess around wasting ammo.


Everybody is arguing with you but nobody is listening to you.


They're stuck on "Oh a Simeon vehicle only pays this much". But if you steal a Simeon vehicle DIRECTLY AFTER stealing a selling a highend car, you should be right in front of LSC, just drive right in, wanted level goes away, spray it and drive it to Simeon (I like to drive anyway, and the highest paying cars are usually fast ones).


Stolen Baller plus an F620 for Simeon combined is pretty good loot. Then VIP spawn the Buzzard at the docks and do a Headhunter or whatever.


It's faster and easier to steal the two cars and make one trip to the docks than the VIP mission and pays about the same. And it's only once a session. And then you don't have to worry about a surprise 2 star wanted level. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I don't mind selling to Simeon. 2 stars is easy (or cheap) to avoid. I don't go out of my way to actually hunt down his cars, but if one pulls up in front of me and I'm not too far away from an LSC, I'll take the opportunity to get an easy few grand. It usually pays about as well as coming second in a free roam challenge.


Having said that, they should definitely bump the payments up to a minimum of $10k each. $2k for a supposedly high priority vehicle that you had to drive across the map dodging police to deliver is bullsh*t. That's like old time Gerald or Lamar mission payments.

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I would have killed Simeon if given the chance.

Actually, you can in a random event in singleplayer. Planned for my next playthrough.
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I understand what you're saying dude but it literally takes 5min to steal and deliver a simeon car.

In the end you actually win more time if you just do it right away because like you said if you steal a lot of cars off the streets and end up being chased all the time you will lose more time running away from cops which can be an inconvenience so i personally think why not just deliver it and be fine without worries for the rest of your day and its much less of a hassle than getting those 2 stars everytime.. But i'm done now. I love simeon and his vehicles :r*:


If you love Simeon so much, then why don't you just marry him? I'm sure you love earning low pays because you consider Simeon as god or something. Even live in a poor, run-down apartment with him. :p


Oh wait, there's no such option to marry NPCs. That would've been a useful feature. :lol:

Edited by M.K.N.
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I agree with people who say increase the payout, otherwise there's no incentive. Might aswell steal a Felon GT in front of Didier Sachs and instantly sell it to LSC, takes 20 times less time and pays 2 times as much.


You should be able to ignore it if you wanted to, gain no 2 star wanted level, makes no sense (Like in the first San Andreas) and also be able to sell high end cars you find on the street for a bigger payout of course. That would finally give some sense to the export garage, steal hot cars, make em unrecognizable by respraying them and make them untraceable by selling them off-shore. Why all that effort to ship a FQ2 offshore if you can just drive half a mile and sell it to your local mod shop?

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Seems your humor is lacking, apparently. But don't worry:



Edited by M.K.N.
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Yet another brilliant idea from the best dev team ever. They removed all the old FM events that everyone loved (Armored trucks and such) but kept the 2 most terrible ones in, Simeon and f*cking gang attacks. Both of which cannot be turned off...

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I can tolerate Simeon's messages but LJT (or Lester in disguise)...don't get me started. Every how many minutes I get a call about needing to resupply or sell my stock, fol.

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Actually, even worse than Simeon are the gang attacks. FFS, I did all of them so why do I get attacked when I simply want to access my aircraft at Sandy Shores airfield?

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If your first characters broke simeons requests are great for pegasus funds :)

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We should be able to turn off his messages but get messages anyway which starts a mission where you go to simeon and tie him to the bonnet of one of his cars and drive like a maniac round the streets of LS until his bowels loosen which ends the mission with him running away which shows how badly he soiled himself.

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I never get the actual text. I DO still get the god damn wanted level. Ugh. Just let us tell him to piss up a rope, PLEASE.

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