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Recruiting for my MC


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Hey everybody,

I'm looking for people to join my MC and crew. I created an MC on PS4 and I still need a VP and Sargent and everything. If you can create a patch for the MC you're automatically VP of my club haha I do have some of it made just need help finishing it. Basically we'll do missions, heists and fight other people, make alliances, and just goof off. No crew killing is my rule but have fun also. Let me know if you are interested and if you have a mic that would be nice. We'll discuss further things once I get my main people in the club. I want to work with the leadership of our MC to come up with rules and scheduling and basically help eachother out in building an MC from the ground up. Looking for active duty in the military or veterans but also will take anyone who is interested in just having a good time.

Let me know a little about yourself and your PSN. Hopefully we'll get alot of people recruited then we can start making presidents of other places and also expand to Xbox and PC. Sorry this isn't as elaborate as some of the other MC recruiting threads but maybe that's something that we can work on as well.

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To piggy back off that wouldn't it be nice to be known as one of the founding fathers of the club. Just throwing that out there but I do want this club to be about loyalty, brotherhood and getting eachothers back. I am currently online at this moment so if you're interested let me know so we can get stuff going



Edited by ritchierich00
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I haven't been playing for a long time I'm level 69 play a few times a week I'm a great team player I went to the Social Club link and joined I also have a mic but only use when other people are psn daddyowillie

Edited by Daddyowillie
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Awesome bud sent you a friend request and yeh that's fine. I just started an MC to have friends to play with and do missions and heists and do some cruising. I know everyone has a real life to tend to and this is just a video game and to do the role playing of being in a MC

Edited by ritchierich00
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