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Motorcycle Cruise/Meetup October 23, Sunday

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Hey guys!


On Sunday October 23rd Mrs. Goat is gonna be out of town for the evening, so I'm gonna do what I darn well please ;)


Once the little one goes to sleep: I will be hosting a motorcycle cruise/meetup and want to extend the invitation to my friends and members here. Other invitations are being extended to my current crew in GTAOnline and their newly formed MC sub-crew (Paleto Bay Mayors Office & Mayor's Outlaws), as well as members of Western Motorcycle Company Cruisers (WMCC is a rockstar featured newswire crew) and members of another long standing association of mine.


Looking to start around 20:30-21:00 EST (GMT -4) to just kind of casually meetup, see what everyone has done with their bikes and clubhouses, go for a cruise, make new friends, and maybe run some missions or races. A great opportunity for videos, pictures, and meeting enthusiasts.


RSVP is required. This will be an invitation only lobby, so if you would like to attend be sure to send me a freind request with a message stating "meetup" or along those lines. Blank requests will be ignored.



-Play nice

-Don't kill each other

-Be respectful


That's pretty much it! Easy peasy ridin' in the breezy. Thanks for reading.

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PS4. Sorry forgot to mention that.

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