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GTA SA 🐼 Remastered Effects | Particles


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  • brand new effects with quick and simple particles
  • realistic and natural - playable
  • remaster ➑ effects.txd particle.txd effects.fxp
  • Low Quality Textures 32-256 px


Ezekiel = Effects.txd - Effects.fxp
Junior_Djjr = Cleo Coder / making this mod 100x better
Special Thanks
@FunctionX fxp Legend / Learned so much from his fxp - how,what to edit and what not :p
@Reyks for testing and supporting






Edited by Ezekiel
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Very Nice!!

Ezekiel what you think about improving the rain splash,Sandstrom sand and the dust that come when offroading with a vehicle and also drift smoke.


Edit clouds also.

Suggestion : If you have time so please timecycle.

Edited by kkjj
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I don't know if you count it as effect but could you improve cj on drugs effect. It is used in the mission are you going to san fierro when we burn truth weed farm.

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This Mod might get on whole new Level


Junior_Djjr Joined to the Project as (Cleo Coder)

We might see whole lotta stuff with custom particles -

so far Damage Smoke Particles for cars and bikes separately


maybe in future:

Big explosion on trucks

Engine of Planes on Fire

Gas leaking from Petrol Truck


Even if it's still WIP and not 100% secure will be doable all in Cleo,

I want to Thank Junior_Djjr in public here,Thank you Sir Welcome




Made some updates today:


Fire and Smoke on cars






Edited by Ezekiel
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Man what you think about tiny explosion for RC vehicles with low explosion sound??

And different corona for different lights.


Edit Blood on windshield of car when killing a NPC.

Edited by kkjj
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This is turning out really nice, keep it up!


Btw I'm not sure if you know about this bug in the 2D muzzle flash effects, basically the muzzle orientation/rotation is broken in vanilla (you can easily spot this bug by shooting upwards), DK managed to fix it with IMFX some time ago, I was wondering if the same could be done for this mod. IMFX also had unique muzzle effects for each weapon, as well as unique explosions.


Another little bug is that 2D muzzle flashes don't show up when shooting from a car or bike, this was never fixed in IMFX or any other mod.


EDIT: It might be a good idea to try and contact DK about this, this mod has the potential to be the next IMFX if done right, but to do so it needs to use all the improvements and fixes done in IMFX in my opinion.


EDIT2: Here's the link to the latest version of IMFX for reference: http://vk.com/doc45765610_318675122?hash=a11b3a754de2151207&dl=d19d71bef7f924385f(you need Overdose Effects 1.5 as well)


I've been thinking since the source code for that mod was never made available, a good idea would be to build the mod using IMFX as a base(like what Function-X did with Overdose Effects) since that was exactly what IMFX was made for.

Edited by Reyks
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yeah...There is ton of things wrong with R* muzzle...

I use weapons mod pack..so my weapons use muzzle from effects.fxp

So I have bug on bikes,bug when you shoot with Two Weapons at same time-(Left muzzle is way off)

This need: fix position when shooting with 2 guns,fix bikes problem and switch from 3d muzzle from weapon txd to effects.fxp automatically

I can't do that,All I can is make some cool fancy effects, maybe Junior will do..

I'll try contact DK surely...Every word from that Man will be useful



So Bike Muzzle Fix didn't come in IMFX,

damn maybe hard to do

Edited by Ezekiel
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Hey. Good to see your new work. I wonder Will it be compatible with mods like Zaz's cleo effects (pF_Fireworks, pF_flyingstuff, pF_Lightning) and DK22Pac's IMFX?

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Worked on this whole day..damn



Edited by Ezekiel
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Can you please add the exhaust condensation trails to the planes!!

And also can you please change the fog effect and texture which not use the cloud texture..

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I'm amazed with your job, keep it up!


Can firetruck's water be edited? Maybe you can replace that fake one with leaking water effect from that petrol truck.

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