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Anyone been watching "Lethal Weapon" and notice the parallels


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Okay, so first episode, we meet Riggs and he is a suicidal maniac who lives in a trailer on the shore and I think "Heh, reminds me of a trevor cop"


No reason to think more into it, I figured.


Then later in the episode, the criminals pull "blitz play" heist - okay. that's just like GTA V -


Still no reason to draw a parallel, after all even GTA's blitz play is taken from the movie "Heat", right?


Now on the second episode, Michael (clone of him) kills Franklin (another clone) at his own house (same damn house!), escapes in a propane truck, and gets blown up to death in the middle of Hollywood.


The House is Franklin's house in GTA V, the character that looks like Franklin is wearing his "automatically dresses in it all the time" white wife beater and light khaki/white shorts, rocking his staple "everyone uses it in game/used in the official artworks" cornrows and outfit....


And the guy who kills him is basically a clone of Michael wearing Michael's famous "automatically switches him to it all the time" blue suit!


And then the overall gta ending of a propane truck being the getaway vehicle that gets blown to sh*t in the escape!




I have yet to watch the 3rd and 4th episode, out now on Hulu, but I am going to be watching closely for more stuff that is so obviously from GTA V!


Did anyone else notice any of this?


The funny part is that the character of Riggs did the pulling down of the house that Michael did in the movie Lethal Weapon 2

Edited by TheHumanIsland
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I thought Micheal's auto suit is grey colour? He seems always wearing grey not blue for me.


I never watch lethal weapon movies (no need be surprised) so I no idea of any of this.

Edited by Yinepi
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Well, I am talking about the new TV series Lethal Weapon, but indeed, the last part of the post was about how pulling down the house with Mike and Franklin was from that movie series. Like they are trading back and forth.


The second episode totally had michael shooting franklin in the heart in his own pool, we even see inside the house and everything!

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