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Explosives Restock / Half-Unlimited Explosives GLITCH


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This is a video of me showing you guys how to replenish / restock your Explosives for free. This can be used as a half-unlimited ammo method as well.

Please ask for help if needed, don't leave nasty reply's. I'm a grate guy that would love to help you guys, and girls as much as i can.

1: Go to your CEO Building, or Clubhouse that has a Weapon Locker.

If you don't have a CEO Building, or Clubhouse and need a Weapon Locker, click the spoiler button below.

1: Pull up your phone, and go into the Internet App.
(d-pad up, d-pad down, and press X)

2: Choose witch one to buy, CEO Building, or Clubhouse.
(Make sure to get it with the Weapon Locker.)

2: Find, and go to the Weapon Locker and press d-pad right to get into it.

3: Go down to Explosives, and click on it.

4: Hide all the Explosives with the easy toggle feature at the top.

5: Once done, back out and go to any blue icon, or Stunt Race, aka Missions, Jobs ect...

6: Use any Explosives you want to make it low on ammo. You may need to click Disable Custom Weapon Loadout inside Inventory, to use your Explosive Weapons.
(Sticky Bombs, Proximity Mines, Pipe Bombs, Jerry Can, Grenade, and the Molotovs even work as well.)
(Interaction Menu>Inventory>Disable Custom Weapon Loadout)

7: Once your Explosive Weapon ammo is low, go into the Interaction Menu and click Enable Custom Weapon Loadout. If it says Disable Custom Weapon Loadout, then do so and re enable it.
(Interaction Menu>Inventory>Enable Custom Weapon Loadout)

8: Walk into the circle area of a Mission, Job, Land Race, Stunt Race ect... and press d-pad right, to start it up.
(Make sure all Explosive Weapons are hidden before starting up the job.)

9: Quickly back out of the Mission, Job, Land Race, Stunt Race ect... before it starts up.

10: Once done, go into the Interaction Menu, inside Inventory, and Disable Custom Weapon Loadout.
As you can see it is now replenished / restocked Enjoy :D.

My Grand Theft Auto V Glitches

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