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The Gouranga Revival Project


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Since the original Gouranga! website is officially down, I decided to restore the images and other interesting stuff from there. Therefore, making it available once again through a different domain, with a... well, much modern design. The gallery itself currently holds over 400 pre-release screenshots from Grand Theft Auto III, with renders, artworks and movie clips being added within next few hours.

The Gouranga! Revival project is currently placed on my gaming portal called Xboxer.sk, though I tweaked the design to give you a fluid browsing experience. Also, since the Xboxer is targeted at czech and slovak audience, most of you probably won't read the other stuff. The revival site will be later updated with media related to Vice City and other games from the GTA series. Also, you can discuss and expand the collection here.

Gouranga! Revival Website

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As of today, all vehicle renders are now available to see on the Gouranga! Revival website. The gallery includes all available renders from Capital Autos website and renders of some other vehicles. Particular thanks to Mr. Jago, for backing up the Ambulance and revealing hidden renders on the Capital Autos website.

Edited by gallardo555
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@up it had to happen some day. When was the last update there? The site was up for many many years anyway.

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... When was the last update there? The site was up for many many years anyway.

the last update was on June 2007, showcasing the second trailer for then-upcoming GTA IV. after that, the site wasn't updated for a long time, and the rest is history...

Edited by Intergold
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You've done a brilliant job, well done :)


Still has a lot of work to do. Also, when I'll finish the GTA3 section, I will probably move up to Vice City and San Andreas sections as well. Maybe even show some other Rockstar games there if there are some interesting resources. But first, I gotta finish GTA3 and release my First Builds project ;)

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Old topic regarding this, with the sites admin posting in it. Try to get in touch with him perhaps?


Also, use wayback machine and archive.is for fully backing it up.



Tried to contact Azz. Sadly, he's been last seen 5 years ago, so I guess the chances are low. On the other hand, I managed to successfully contact Alex, the maker of the very first GTA3 Beta mod, a few years ago when I started working on First Builds.


Also, chances to contact Schu are next-to-impossible. He opened the site in 1997 on university. Therefore he's 40+ right now. And I felt old... I tried to send him an e-mail, but the recipient cannot be reached. :(

Edited by gallardo555
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  • 3 years later...
Bob Loblaw_

Sorry for necrobumping but is this project dead/abandoned?

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Bob Loblaw_
On 6/12/2020 at 7:35 PM, Earthbound said:

It sure looks that way.


The website is up in full on the archive.


Yeah, I know, I go there once a while to see stuff, it would be good to not have to rely on archive though.

Edited by Ho Diver
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  • 1 year later...
On 6/15/2020 at 6:33 AM, Bob Loblaw_ said:

Yeah, I know, I go there once a while to see stuff, it would be good to not have to rely on archive though.


Just found out that for some reason, the content was removed from my server (maybe R* issuing some form of DMCA I wasn't aware of?). I have the contents on a local hard drive, so I'll see what I can do.

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