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The Best Radio Stations?

Recommended Posts


Every radio in gta IV and DLCs

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Talk radio stations in the GTA universe are the funniest things on the planet. They mix the excitement of fast paced whit while exploring WWE style topics. JB Smoove relieved a prank call from a prisoner claiming to be his lost father on West coast talk radio. Lazlow Jones fronted a live radio talk show hosted in the streets of liberty city called integrity 2.0 where he walked up to a pedestrian who believed Lazlow wanted felatiated, the pedestrian later said in response to being asked if he wanted to be famous "no I don't want papparazi taking pictures of me naked doing coke."

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The Fergus Buckner Show FM

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Posted (edited)

I can't remember any of the music from GTA 1, so I looked it up and it wasn't that bad. I should have paid more attention back when I played that game.
I really liked the Russian radio in GTA 2, the commentary from the DJs was clever, funny and sounded realistic like it could be an actual radio.

In GTA 3 I listened to Flashback FM a lot, the voice actress for Toni is ridiculously good at her job.

In VC my favorite was Flash for the same reason.

In San Andreas I really liked Radio Los Santos for the music and the DJ commentary. It really helped in making you feel like you live in Ganton, Los Santos.

In VCS I really like Flash but I think Emotion was better because it nailed it with the romantic songs (better than Emotion from VC imo).

In LCS I liked that radio that had the sleazy guy and the young girl but I can't remember if it was Head Radio or Lips. I didn't enjoy Flashback so much because I've already listened to Giorgio Moroder too much.

In GTA IV my favorite was probably the jazz radio but I didn't play that game much. I'm getting a new Geforce soon so I can play it properly.

I didn't play the other games enough or at all to judge the music.

My all time favorite is probably Flash FM from VC.

Edited by MysteryDriverX

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Posted (edited)

San Andreas: k-rose


GTA v- Vinewood blvd radio. 

Edited by UndeadPotat0

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K-Rose - gta sa


"Aaaallll my ex's live in Texas"

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Gta3- k jah

Gta vice city- fever 105

GTA SA- radio los santos

Gta 4- beat 102.7

Gta V- west coast classics

Gta lcs- k jah 

Gta vcs- flash

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Evil empire

GTA 3: Flashback

GTA Vice City: Emotion

GTA San Andreas: Bounce FM

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1: Head Radio, The Fergus Buckner Show FM
2: Rockstar Radio, Head Radio, Futuro FM
III: Lips 106, Game Radio, Head Radio
VC: Flash FM, Wildstyle, Wave 103
SA: SF-UR. Bounce FM, Radio X
LCS: Rise FM
VCS: Wave 103
IV: Liberty Rock Radio, Radio Broker
EFLC: Vice City FM, Vladivostok
V: WorldWide FM, The Lab, West Coast Classics

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I have a few favourite, but these are the most favourite:

  • Double Clef FM (III) - I burned it on a CD to listen to in the car. Such a calming, relaxing colection.
  • I don't remember VC too well to make a judgement.
  • K-DST (San Andreas) - again, a wonderful collection of classic rock.
  • The Spanish station in IV.
  • I don't have a favourite in V I guess. The country station is the one I listen to the most, but they are all averagely mediocre.

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Posted (edited)

III: Lips 106, Flashback 95.6

VC: Flash FM

SA: K-DST, K-Rose

LCS: Head Radio

VCS: None. 

IV/EFLC: Vladivostok FM, San Juan Sounds, Liberty Rock Radio

CTW: Alchemist

V: None.

Edited by JPFL

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Posted (edited)

III: Flashback, Chatterbox

VC: Wave, Flash, Emotion, VRock

SA: Radio Los Santos, KDST, KRose, Radio X

IV/EFLC: San Juan Sounds(EFLC) 

V: Radio Mirror Park, LSRR, West Coast Classics

Edited by TheSantader25

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El Penguin Bobo
Posted (edited)

III: Flashback FM and Chatterbox.


VC: Flash FM and Fever 105.


SA: CSR 103 and Radio Los Santos.


IV: Electro Choc, The Vibe 98.8

and Radio Broker.


V: Radio Los Santos, Space 103 and Non Stop Pop FM.

Edited by El Penguin Bobo

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Posted (edited)

III & LCS: Double Clef FM

VC: Radio Espantoso & Emotion 98.3


VCS: V-Rock & Emotion 98.3

IV: Fusion FM & Jazz Nation Radio 108.5

Edited by Leone_Son

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