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Mission Blips/Icons Disappearing With mods!


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Okay, I researched this problem and came to this mod as a supposed fix, but it doesn't work for me:




I can't get this to work at all, though thankfully it isn't crashing my game as it is for some. The two moods that take away my mission icons are:


-Single Player Apartments

-Open All Interiors V4


I tried it both ways the mod creator suggested. I extracted the original gameconfig.xml to my desktop in order to make a backup copy in case anything went wrong. Then I edited another copy of the same file, changing the value "Radar_Blip" from 1,800 to 9,800 as suggested. Mission icons still didn't appear. So I then tried the alternate way the author suggested (since I have a backup copy of the file) using OpenIV to replace the file in the game with the one that comes in the mod folder. That also didn't work.



Note: I use a mod manager, so I already stopped using Open Interiors as that was hopeless. But I have been trying this with Single Player Apartment as well. It worked fine, until I purchased all of the properties, which I guess doubled the amount of icons generated (since purchasing all the properties with the three protagonists doubles the icons from this mod by now adding one icon each for the actual property and one for each garage.)

I can get my icons back by simply loading the game and un-checking the two mods: Single Player Apartments and Open Interiors. Any idea if there is a fix for this? I want the interiors and the apartments/garages, but not at the expense of ruining my game.


Thanks everyone!


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Just bumping this one in case anyone has any ideas.

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