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I need help with my webpage!

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Hey! Recently I created my MC Crew, and I'd like to have a website where I can explain the rules and that stuff, but I have no experience in that matters. So if someone could help me creating it, he would be doing a great favor to me! Contact me on kik so we can speak about it: byoonbg22

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Come on. :) basic html is easy (and can also be fun and rewarding). You can also learn it without any cost. There are no special tools, compilers, or anything crazy. You don't need a weber er or anytning.


Give it a go.



[HEAD][TITLE]My Web page title[/title][/head][body]This where you toss everything you want to show on a page/browser.[/bODY]

After basic html the world is your oyster. Edited by trip

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That was a good way to make a web page in 1999. HTML standard has moved on a bit since then. Not that learning HTML and making your own pages is an impossible task, just that it is going to take a bit more understanding of how modern browsers interpret and render HTML to make something that looks good across different browsers and screen sizes.


If OP's goal is simply to make quick site, and not spend months learning HTML, it's a much better idea to either hire someone to make it, or use one of the existing solutions. Odds are, a free site on WordPress or something similar will satisfy OP's needs.

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Oh I know. My day to day is still about 90% Web based.


I just like to steer people in the 'do it yourself' direction. And you have to admit basic HTML is a fun and easy way to learn some basics. Then you expand out when you need stuff to be more interactive.

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You can always try out using a web builder if you don't fancy yourself learning html. Weebly and Webstarts are pretty good to use if you want to create a hassle free website quickly and easily. Best of all these give you free hosting! Besides, loads more web builders like these exist, you just have to find the right one you prefer.

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I used to change my mouse cursor to butterflies and disable the right click with annoying messages. LOL.


But I will say tho, just read, read, reaaad. If you want it bad enough you'll figure out what to do.


Edit: just a random reply. lol. sorry

Edited by Murdick

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