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Castillo Crime Family recruiting


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Welcome to The Castillo Family Website. Here we post GTA crew stuff.



What we do

We are a pvp crew. we fight other gta online crews in death-matches.







must wear suits at meetings

Don't argue with don


Listen when dons talking







The Boss and puppet master.




The Dons most trusted people




each underboss has 2 capos that help him. The capos control the new members.




Made-man is one of Dons Most loyal Members.They been around for a while and know a lot about the crew.




Keeps all the members in control and act as bodyguards a lot. They drive the boss and help him with jobs he needs




Ones you become a full member you become a gangster. You can represent the crew. and start conflict in the crew.




Muscle after being a recruit ,You get a chance to prove your worth. The don has your attention. Now use that to help you get higher in the crew.




The new guy. you wont be told much until you prove your worth. You have to earn respect to gain what you want.



What are some things I don't know

If you need Advise on things check the forums they. Don makes forums on how to do things or work them out.




Rockstar Social Club: SirTonyCastillo

Gamertag: SirTonyCastillo

Kik: doofmaster99




Rockstar Social Club: Nordy14

Gamertag: Nordy14


Skype:nick nordenskjold



For more info check forums and stuff on our website http://castillofamilwebsite.clanwebsite.com

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