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R* stuff to notice

Dark Angel

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ya i know there has been other posts of things  :r*: have put in but i just noticed today that when at night go to the beach and face east and there are the stars of the :r*: logo


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Yeah, there are alot of  theae topics. I have found alot of :r*: things in the game. One that I know of is if you go west of the VCN building, about 2-4 buildings from it is a building. On it is:



A division of blah blah blah.


Well, I find the  :r*: discoveries very interesting. AMF 4ever. -digital ;)

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R* are whores for doing that sorta thing. lol

The pool on Starfish Island, sponsors for the Hotring racers and Bloodring bangers, billboards... they're completely and utterly self-boasting with their logo in the game.  :pp

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And then theres the R* logo on the towel on the beach, and yeah theres a billboard with the r* symbol in little havana, im shure you've all seen dat






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