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Raindrops have black/grey squares behind them?



IGNORE ME. I SAT HERE FOR 4-5 HOURS AND FINALLY FOUND THE SOLUTION. Deleting the gtavc_set in MyDocuments and resetting ingame options.


Hi, I couldn't find this problem in the list of bugs. I had this bug when I first installed Vice City from Steam - and somehow I managed to get rid of it for a while. I've recently installed the Vice Cry mod and now it seems to be back. I really need to either get rid of these square bubbles/raindrops or disable the raindrop bubble effect entirely if I can - but I can't find answers anywhere. Will you please help me?

Edited by Middlemoor

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3 answers to this question

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Anyone here? Guess I'll have to wait to find an answer. ;/


I tried installing the 1.1 patch in hopes it might fix the glitch but I guess Vice Cry changed my .exe.


All I want to do now is just remove the bubbles on screen (unless someone knows a fix), it seems the easiest solution. So how do I disable bubbles/blood?

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Another update. I tried disabling trails and the bug improved a little bit. It's no longer blurry and black/dark grey, but the rain bubbles still have a transparent grey square around them. Here's a screenshot of it before I disabled trails.



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Edit: Sorry, tried to add more information but I don't really know if it's correct. Sorry for the double posts...this problem has really had me stumped for hours. I just can't seem to get rid of those rain/blood drops (or fix them) no matter which settings I change. ;/

Edited by Middlemoor

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