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Can someone help me get the black bodyguard vest before it gets patche


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Would require a CEO to do the trick (the patch 1.35.19 method). I'm on PS4 - Ayyylmao007. Thanks, I'll be forever in your debt.

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I believe the black bodyguard vest (El Jefe) is exclusive for CEO's, so you'll need to become one.


1. Be a CEO.


2. Set the Style to El Jefe.


3. Go to a yachts hot tub set to swimwear.


4. Walk in, open up the CEO style menu. Switch once to the left or right, doesn't matter. Then switch back to the El Jefe outfit. You'll now be wearing it instead of the swimwear.


5. Retire as a CEO (you'll still be wearing the outfit).


6. Place stickies in the hot tub in a way that they will throw you out upon exploding.


7. Detonate the stickies and you'll respawn wearing the El Jefe outfit.


8. At this point, you won't be able to save the outfit.


9. Go to your wardrobe or clothing store then get close enough to a clothing section (so it shows the message to browse clothes).


10. Open up your interaction menu and register as a CEO. It's very important that you spam right on the D-Pad as soon as you register. This will open up the clothing menu in store or at your wardrobe and allow you to save the outfit before it disappears.



Edited by REXX93
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Sorry, that's not what I was looking for. The one worn by the bodyguards is what I need. Don't like the red sweater that comes with El Jefe.

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