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Exciting Motorcycle Group Idea [PC]


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If you're reading this then either the title of this thread has caught your eye, or you're just browsing this section as a hopeful trying to induct yourself into one of the many great organizations of this section. Before, I pitch my idea I'd like to tell you a bit about myself, I'm 21 years old, from the EST Time Zone and have been an avid browser of the GTAF for quite sometime and have fell in love with the idea of mixing roleplay with Grand Theft Auto. I've been in quite a few Motorcycle Gangs which had some roleplay elements on PS3-PS4, but found the best experience when I switched over to PC about a year or two ago. I've been desperately searching for a certain type of Motorcycle Crew that is original and unique in it's own right. In this thread I'll be posting my idea just to see how many of you or better yet " If any of you are interested in helping me.

The Idea

As you know Motorcycle Clubs have and are steadily becoming a bigger part of the GTA Online Community ever since GTA IV TLAD and with the upcoming Bikers DLC release approaching (OCT 4) I believe that MC's will be very popular. I'd like to create something than the usual Route 66 Biker, I'd like to create a Motorcycle Club/ Riding Club similar to that of GTA IV's Uptown Ryders.

" The Uptown Riders are a motorcycle gang. Their members include Malc and DeSean and their headquarters are in Northwood, Liberty City. The club rides Japanese sport bikes and appear to be predominately African-American, much like the Ruff Ryders. " ( short description from GTA.Wikia)

Now, If you're not familar with them , they were introduced in the TLAD DLC and have made a mention in GTA V with protagonist Franklin Clinton wearing some of their clothes. A Club of this origin is Original and I myself have not seen or found anything done successfully like this before.

The Basics

Here is where I'll list how I'll make this club stand out from the rest, I'd like it to focus heavily on Roleplay and with the upcoming DLC it'll add several elements and game modes to enhance and enforce this.

Community - I'd prefer to have quality members over quantity meaning people who aren't exclusively kill whores but also love to roleplay.

Affiliation - Los Santos is a vibrant and robust city full of other MC's/Clubs, I'd love to set up lobbies where our MC and a traditional MC could either work together, battle or do various Club Jobs together but most importantly roleplay.

Family - I hope to have a group of like minded individuals who build more of a family than just a group.

I have plenty more to add but will only do so if people are interested, if so comment below and I will message you or add you on steam to discuss the rest of my ideas such as name, outfits etc.

Edited by Jango
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I'd be down to help but I'd rather not ride hair dryers.


Well the idea was for the Sports Bike but I guess thats not a popular idea.

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Yeah. I'm sure there's a bunch of people who would go for it, but personally, I'd rather not.

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This is exactly what I've been looking for, while I enjoy the classic MC club I always preferred the speedy bikes and the urban clothes. Hit me up on SC: Seng0z or Steam: Seng0z

Edited by Exekucnak
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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.


You need to include a Crew Social Club link and limit your bumps to once per week.


This is all outlined in the Forum Rules.


Thank you.

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This look interesting. Always liked motorbikes more that motorcycles...


SC: egyptianubis

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