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CHandlingData in memory

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So I'm making a realtime handling editor and I thought this could be useful. Mainly that CHandlingData somewhat is completely represented in memory. Found the following thing on Google: http://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/1229279-post294.html. Decided to completely check it and finish it.


Pointer to struct @ Vehicle+0x830 (b791_2)


Offsets within CHandlingData:



const struct HandlingOffset {	DWORD dwHandlingNameHash = 0x0008;	int fMass = 0x000C;	int fInitialDragCoeff = 0x0010;	// 0x0014	// 0x0018	// 0x001C	vecOffset vecCentreOfMass = {		0x0020,		0x0024,		0x0028};	// 0x002C	vecOffset vecInertiaMultiplier = {		0x0030,		0x0034,		0x0038};	// 0x003C	int fPercentSubmerged = 0x0040;	int fSubmergedRatio = 0x0044;	int fDriveBiasFront = 0x0048;	int fDriveBiasRear = 0x004C;	uint8_t nInitialDriveGears = 0x0050;	int fDriveInertia = 0x0054;	int fClutchChangeRateScaleUpShift = 0x0058;	int fClutchChangeRateScaleDownShift = 0x005C;	int fInitialDriveForce = 0x0060;	int fDriveMaxFlatVel = 0x0064;	int fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel = 0x0068;	int fBrakeForce = 0x006C;	// 0x0070	int fBrakeBiasFront = 0x0074;	int fBrakeBiasRear = 0x0078;	int fHandBrakeForce = 0x007C;	int fSteeringLock = 0x0080;	int fSteeringLockRatio = 0x0084;	int fTractionCurveMax = 0x0088;	int fTractionCurveMaxRatio = 0x008C;	int fTractionCurveMin = 0x0090;	int fTractionCurveRatio = 0x0094;	int fTractionCurveLateral = 0x0098;	int fTractionCurveLateralRatio = 0x009C;	int fTractionSpringDeltaMax = 0x00A0;	int fTractionSpringDeltaMaxRatio = 0x00A4;	int fLowSpeedTractionLossMult = 0x00A8;	int fCamberStiffness = 0x00AC;	int fTractionBiasFront = 0x00B0;	int fTractionBiasRear = 0x00B4;	int fTractionLossMult = 0x00B8;	int fSuspensionForce = 0x00BC;	int fSuspensionCompDamp = 0x00C0;	int fSuspensionReboundDamp = 0x00C4;	int fSuspensionUpperLimit = 0x00C8;	int fSuspensionLowerLimit = 0x00CC;	int fSuspensionRaise = 0x00D0;	int fSuspensionBiasFront = 0x00D4;	int fSuspensionBiasRear = 0x00D8;	int fAntiRollBarForce = 0x00DC;	int fAntiRollBarBiasFront = 0x00E0;	int fAntiRollBarBiasRear = 0x00E4;	int fRollCentreHeightFront = 0x00E8;	int fRollCentreHeightRear = 0x00EC;	int fCollisionDamageMult = 0x00F0;	int fWeaponDamageMult = 0x00F4;	int fDeformationDamageMult = 0x00F8;	int fEngineDamageMult = 0x00FC;	int fPetrolTankVolume = 0x0100;	int fOilVolume = 0x0104;	// 0x0108	int fSeatOffsetDistX = 0x010C;	int fSeatOffsetDistY = 0x0110;	int fSeatOffsetDistZ = 0x0114;	int nMonetaryValue = 0x0118;	DWORD dwStrModelFlags = 0x011C;	DWORD dwStrHandlingFlags = 0x0120;	DWORD dwStrDamageFlags = 0x0124;	DWORD dwAIHandlingHash = 0x0134;} hOffsets = {};
Offsets with // VERIFIED behind them are all manually verified by me. (I re-checked all of the UnknownCheats post, since a few seemed to be off). Comments indicate how the value in handling.meta translates to the value in memory, if needed. This is useful/essential to get the correct balance.

*BiasFront in the handling.meta have these matching pairs.


Steering lock appears to be in radians for the inner wheel, while handling.meta uses degrees.


Handling editor can be seen here:



I haven't finished the part where everything is read and written yet and I'm trying to find a less stupid way of doing this, but the offsets should all work if you plug them in the correct conversion method (if needed).


Update: Fixed a few offsets.


Final update:

Handling editor is released. Take it as a demo, or something.


Update - Turns out leftas completely reversed the class before. Updated the struct with offsets.

Edited by ikt
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Real Time Handling Editor is done, as an .asi script.


I hope this info and this tool proves to be useful for somebody.

Edited by ikt

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unknown modder

The correct way to do this is look at how the exe loads the handling data instead of comparing memory structures with handling data

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I sadly don't have experience with reverse engineering executables and assembly to make proper use of things like IDA.

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Nice work! we need more threads like this

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The correct way to do this is look at how the exe loads the handling data instead of comparing memory structures with handling data

True :^: But I'm happy with ikt's method too :)

A :cookie: for you, ikt!

And a :cookie: for you, unknown modder (G_index 2576573 & decompiled scripts)!

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Thanks so much for your


project in github. Helped me solve a very annoying problem!!! Already stared!

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Now we just need those subclasses and we'll have conquered rockstar

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