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Federal Defense Team


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This file is a list of rules and regulations pertaining to FDT, followed by sanctions should a member not follow the upcoming laws put in place by FDT's governing body:


- FDT is an organization that enforces civilization in the form of defense of other individuals and/or groups. We are stationed and are ready to carry out tasks immediately, ready to defend others and ourselves from terrorist individuals and/or groups.



- *Team Killing/Pranking: Team killing and pranks are prohibited during FDT organized activities (social meetings of any kind and combat situations in public areas), as it will eventually lead to anarchy and rifts among members (unless directly specified otherwise by FDT's governing body).

- *Violation of Orders: Orders given by FDT's leading body must be followed at all times to maintain an organized scheme during combat situations, and to eradicate the possibility of accidental -- but preventable -- deaths caused by other members of the organization.

- *Combative/Provocative Speech: Free speech will not infringed upon in this organization. However, combative and provocative speech is prohibited.

- **Assassination: Intentional killing of the leader will result in an automatic two-week suspension, which will be followed by a release if the offender kills any member of the organization.

- ***Conspiracy: Conspiracy and/or sabotage against FDT or any of its members will result in an automatic release from the organization without probation.

* Standard Offense
** Extreme Offense
*** Severe Offense



- Conspiring against FDT or any of its members is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.



- Player Targeting Priority Set to "Strangers" At All Times

- Uniform(s)



- Members must be in uniform during public presence, unless stated otherwise.

- Members are given the choice to be in uniform or street clothing during privatized social sessions and organized activities.



FDT has no specific vehicle to be used.



- In the following order, a probation is placed for violating a policy, followed by a suspension, and ending with a permanent release.

- Probations and suspensions are seven days long, however:

Violating probation during its period will result in an extended suspension. Suspensions will be seven days long, additionally, with the remaining time left on the probation period, effective immediately.

- All violations result in the standard probation-suspension-release.

- Extreme offenses will result in automatic two week suspensions, followed by a release with any standard (or above) offense.

- Severe offenses will result in an automatic release from FDT.

- Releases are issued for any standard (or above) offense after a suspension.

Any report sent to FDT's governing body must have supporting evidence and/or references.



Email: [email protected]

Email: <script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script>

PlayStation Network ID: FDT_Unit1

Send a friend request to the PlayStation Network ID specified above, as messages from non-friends are disabled.


This has been a document of policies and sanctions set in place by FDT's governing body.

We hope to see you on the battlefield as part of Federal Defense Team!

- FDT Governing Body

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