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OpenIV blank windows?


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Hey guys, been trying for a couple of days now to no avail :(


I've downloaded and followed the steps to install the GTAV Redux mod. Everytime I launch OpenIV it wont let me access the ASI manager, package install (also the "about" tab in help wont display) windows. Well i can open them but it just brings up an empty white box, like a blank window popup.


I've gone to the point of deleting gtav, openiv. Everything related and re-installed with the same problem occuring.


Any ideas? I get no error message, nothing :s


Thanks for your time :)

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Show me content of the files from this folder:

C:\Users\[userName]\AppData\Roaming\New Technology Studio\OpenIV\CurrentSession\

use http://pastebin.com/for uploading files.

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hm... well, there is nothing suspicious here.

Can you please screenshot of how exactly is ASI Manager looks like?

Edited by GooD-NTS
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Sure here you go. It's a fresh install of GtaV/scripthook. Never used OpenIV before this either


Edit: Same for package installer too




Edited by Sammo84
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Well, this is strange.

It looks like the DirectX is not initialized by some reason, but it does not show you any errors.

I guess if you try to open any model (ydr) or texture (ytd) you will see that same result.

Can you check?

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Hey! I got it working :) You're right it was definetely a display issue. I'm not sure exactly what it was I did to get it working but will explain what I did.


Last night i was trying out gta with different settings. The only things i changed were in nvidia control panel. I just turned triple buffering on and MFAA to on.

Then at the time the asi loader actually displayed for me i had a youtube video running in the background in a window. I thought just one more shot before i went to bed!

So somehow it's like I kickstarted it into working?? Maybe this will shed some light for you. I initially thought it might be DSR effecting it so turned this off too (since it effects windows display)

I have tried to re-trace my steps to see exectly what caused it but it loads every time now.


Thanks for your help Good :) I hope this will help others if they have this issue, now time to burn a hole in my 1070 :p

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okay, glad it work for you now.

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  • 2 years later...

Try to update your video card drivers. Try to disable enhancement tools, tuners, overlays or video capture tools if you have any. 

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  • 10 months later...

I got this issue solved easily, its basically a display issue regarding to you graphic card

instruction follows:

1. open Nvidia control panel

2. click on "manage 3d settings"

     "program settings"

     "find and select OpenIV"

      "set ''monitor technology' to 'fixed refresh', 'FXAA' to 'off', triple buffering to 'off'

3. restart your PC and you should be good to go

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