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GTA SA Quick Radio Off Mod


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If you think turning radio off in GTA SA is very annoying, :/ Scrolling...Scrolling...Scrolling is just a waste of time, :yawn: So This Mod is Just made for You !!!!
-This mod brings Quick Radio Off Feature(like in GTA IV) to GTA SA.
-To turn off Radio Quickly just press "X" key on your Keyboard.
-you can also change key of "radio off" by editing "Quick_Radio_off.ini" in cleo Folder.




Just Put All Files From "TO SA Folder" To Main SA Dictionary.

Hope You All Like it. :)


Official Site



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Wow this is great and helpful, so weird that no one ever thought about it ;) gonna give it a try soon, good work.

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Not workin with modloader ... do you plan to make this for III/VC too?

It's a simple cleo script, why is this not working for you? Working for me with modloader. May be you have a currupt cleo loader. In your cleo folder, is there file named "iniopration.cleo"?
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