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Project -X- Mission Impossible


6 members have voted

  1. 1. Did you like the mission?

    • Yes, i like it.
    • No.

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The mission name:



The story is about an important file called "Project-X"

This file is full protected by the Enemy, 6 of the best members have agreed to do the mission and get the file by their own way.



The Sniper of the squad, he has amazing sniping skills, and he's the captain of the squad.


The Engineer of the squad, and Named "The Beast" he earned this name because he shows no mercy, Specially in using Tanks and Rockets, He never fails to success.


The bomber of the squad, He uses C4 to finish his targets. And he will be the one who will get the file from the protected area.


The Assault of the squad, he uses his mind to destroy his enemy, he shows no mercy while applying orders


The Supporter, He's not taking a part of the mission, He'll just send Support Packages to his squad in case of they need to.


The pilot of the Squad, He'll be their Airstrike, and he'll do his best to keep his Squad safe from the tanks, airstrikes and heavy fires.


He's using the control panel and a live gps to locate the danger for them, tells them the plane and everything they need to know.

Download: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44523

Please leave a comment.

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The John David

Wow! In single mission only. Nice :D

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Hmm.. seems quite valuable for a mission, but it will do.. :colgate:

Edited by GOTH2001

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Alan Eastwood

The Project X, huh? The introduction of the characters gave me a good laugh, good object placement, didn't had time to finish it because I accidentally killed one of the soldiers while I was undercover.

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Guys please vote for the mission above in the poll

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Good work! You can make a MP of it.

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Excuse me, but what's MP

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Excuse me, but what's MP


Okay, lemme tell you about it.

The full form of MP is 'Mission Pack'

A MP is a bunch of missions as a storyline.

As a example, you can take many Mp's.

The one's pined on the DYOM website are MP's

You can play them and watch what's MP.

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Excuse me, but what's


The full form of MP is 'Mission Pack'


oh, i got it, thank u

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i was gana do a trailer / game play with this but u should of split this mission hidden peds / objects make this laggy for me i have re texture mods for peds texture effects etc so anyway i played it without mods good mission +200 :D anyways check out this full movie i made yes gta sa movie

if u like the short movie please drop a like would help with me gta sa channel thanks :p

Edited by ceepzki

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Hey there, I figured I'd give your mission a shot seeing as it is short and all, and here's what I think.


I'll just break it down into positives and negatives. Positives first, obs.


1. The Object placements were cool. I liked how you used different objects to create an 'army' feel.


2. The location you've chosen was also good albeit, you had to run long distances to achieve checkpoints.


Alright, lemme get down to negatives. This isn't to piss you off, just keep all these in your mind when you create your next mission, and you'll do good.


1. The story. I had no idea where it was going. The dialogues (some good and funny too) didn't help it either. I had a hard time figuring out who was talking to who. I'd blame the way you've placed your camera angles. Try to place your camera angles in such a way that the player can understand which character is speaking a particular dialogue.


2. This ain't a major issue but still... I didn't get why you decided to use the 'checkpoint' objective for the first two "Clear the enemy checkpoint objective" instead of using 'Kill all enemies' objective. And then suddenly, you decided to use 'Kill all enemies' objective for the remaining checkpoints.. If you're initially going to use the 'checkpoint' objective, then just stick with it. Don't be changing..


3. Just like all the missions, it was EASY at first.. and then it got a little more easier and more and more easier after that. Long story short, you mission was easy af. Seeing as this is a single mission, you should try to increase the level of difficulty as the mission progresses. I hope you keep this in mind.


4. This had a good potential to be a mission pack. You should've just made this as a MP..


Overall, your mission was neither good nor bad. I hope you keep making more good missinons. My rating: 6/10 :)

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