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How do I rotate the air in my tires?


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Hey, everybody! Although I don't drive or have a drivers license or permit on account of the hallucinations I get with my schizophrenia I do happen to own an automobile. Now although I don't drive it I do let my mother use it from time to time. Well, I let her drive it this morning to go shopping and when she got back with it she told me that she though that I needed the air in the tires rotated. Because of this we went to our local Wal-Mart to get it done and when I got there they told me that they don't do it there. I then tried to go to a few automotive shops in town but they said that they didn't do it either. I was completely stumped! I didn't know what to do so I called up our local auto-zone and when I told him my predicament all I heard on the other end was laughter. So I hung up from this maniac who was laughing hysterically and decided to try O' Reiley's auto parts store. This time I had a bit of better luck on the phone. The guy there told me that I could buy a canister of fresh air at their store and he told me that I could find it next to the Elbow Grease and Blinker fluid. I thanked him and hung up the phone and made my way down to the store. You'd think that I had finally solved my problem right? Nope! I can't even believe how much trouble I was having because when I got there, what do you know? They were all out of it! Not just the fresh air canister either but even the elbow grease and blinker fluid.


After I told the cashier about all the trouble I was having he let me know that I could just use an air compressor which I thankfully have at my house. He explained to me that all I had to do was to release half of the air in my tires using the back side of a tire gauge and then move the vehicle so that all the tires would be turned 180 degrees thus trapping the air in the bottom half. Then all I had to do was fill up the other half of the tire with compressed air. I was going to do it too but then I started thinking about it and realized that I had been deceived by him! I am smart enough to know that this isn't rotating the air in my tires! All this does is mix the tire with half good and half bad air! As if i'm that stupid, please... But even after thinking about it I still have no clue how to rotate that air in it so I thought i'd ask you awesome bunch of people. After all this forum is pretty much my home away from home and you guys are some of the most intelligent people I know. Any help would surely be appreciated!!!

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If you need air, gas stations usually have pumps to fill your tires. Be sure to know what PSI the OEM recommends (usually in the service manual or search online) and be sure to not over/underinflate the tires too much. Just park the car, fill the air to the correct amount and pay.


For tire rotation, you can simply take the rear tires and put them on the front (provided you use the same tires for front and rear). There are other patterns of tire rotation, I just mentioned one example and the link provides more. Be sure that the tread pattern is correct and note whether or not you have asymmetrical treads.


For rotating air in tires, that makes no goddamn sense. Air fills the entire tire regardless of the way its orientated (because air is a gas). I think she said you need air AND the tires rotated. There's no such thing as "bad air" either: someone is just poking fun.

Edited by Dottie
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Err.. that isn't a thing. She possibly meant to tell you to get the tires rotated. That would explain the laughter from the AutoZone guy and the jokes from the O'Reilly store.


Unless you're just trolling or something.

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Well Just to be sure about what she had said I called her up and she said specifically that I needed the "Air IN the tire" rotated. I even tried to ask her "Do you mean just the tires?" and she insisted that it was the air that needed rotating. I'll be honest after thinking about it some it does sound odd. Because like one of you said I'm pretty sure that's no the way air works...Kinda makes me wish that my dad were still around seeing how he and my uncle ran a body shop just down the road from my house along the highway. He would be able to tell me if they were just yanking my leg or something although from what I hear he was quite the jokester too so he'd probably roll with it.

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No offense or anything, but your mother doesn't really know what she's talking about.. Rotating air in the tires makes no sense. Have you been in the vehicle lately while she's driving it? If there aren't any weird sounds. clunks, or feelings while driving, then it shouldn't be a problem. If you have a tire pressure gauge, you can check what PSI the tires are at, but the sweet spot is different for all types of vehicles / set of tires.

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Are you sure? Because she used to do maintenance and tuneups way back when she worked at a gas station. I haven't been in a vehicle with her lately but after asking she told me that she did hear some clunking noises and that there was a lot of smoke coming out of the exhaust. She told me that she thinks I need to buy some muffler freeze coolant and cleaner so that when the muffler gets hot the carbon deposits inside it don't start burning and produce that smoke. Also she said that a mixture of sea-foam, sawdust, and sugar in the gas tank should fix whatever is causing that clunking. Thankfully, I had sugar and sea-foam on hand so I went ahead and mixed that together and put it in the gas tank but it might take a while for me to get some saw dust to add to it.


Edit: I'm going to bed for the night so it may take me a while to see your replies.

Edited by 018361
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It does sound tricky at first, was not easy either the first time I did it.


Personally I don't recommend rotating the air because it just means you are basically mixing different air samples in. Just remove all the tire's air and fill it up with a new batch. Normally in urban areas the air is worst and your tires will be clunky, racing tires for example are always filled up in the inner areas as the air is richer there.

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