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How would you improve RDR's story?

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There are similiar threads for GTA IV and V & nothing is perfect so I figured one should be made for RDR too.

Overall it was an outstanding story and John Marston is one of the best video game protagonists ever but nothing is perfect.


Personally I would have killed Bill Williamson in the Act 1 ending and given Javier Escuella more screentime in the Mexico arc (dude appears for the first time in the mission he dies, wtf).


I would also shorten the Mexico revolution plot as it felt way too dragged out and repetitive & apart from Ricketts the characters were meh. Act 1 and Act 3 are much better in every way.


Also instead of Undead Nightmare a prequel DLC about Marston's time in the gang would have been better imho, it would have fleshed out the gang more + Abigail too.

Edited by Journey_95
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The Dedito Gae

I would change the ending because no matter how good it is, for me the game dies with John.

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I've always found the whole government angle a bit odd. I'd like it better if it was say, a rival gang that kidnapped John's family and he's forced to get rid of his old pals first. Then he could get involved with the government and with their help, destroy the kidnapping gang and free his family. Eventually, of course, the agency would kill him too as a final cleanup since he'd be the last one.

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The Mexico segments are the only sections that needed any improvement.


While the Mexico plot lines were good world building and allowed Rockstar to make various commentaries on the world, in game and real, they also complete undercut the dramatic tension of the main narrative. After a certain point, I stopped feeling engaged because I didn't believe that John would put up with Abraham Reyes, et. al. spouting sh*t and jerking him around.


I disagree with your revisions, OP. The setup of Javier as a character might've been lacking but he served his purpose within the plot. Rockstar kept things close to the vest which established a sense of mystery. It was far more subtle characterization and storytelling and the game's story was the better for it.


The driving force was always John vs. Dutch and Bill.


It's only logical that killing Bill was the climax to the 2nd act of the game. Combine that with the fact that he's an obnoxious son of a bitch who taunts you during the opening, it's good motivation to keep playing simply so you can get the last word via the end of your pistol.

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Nothing at all.

The story is perfect the way it is for me.

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More Bonnie MacFarlane

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I would make it so that Marston is portrayed as being wrong about certain things, instead of having moral and logical superiority over everyone he meets. Rockstar titles have constantly suffered from making the protagonist the voice of reason 100% of the time, and only broke free from it with GTA V.

Edited by BoulderFaceplant

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Honestly, I would have ended the game after John is killed. I do like the fact that we get in the shoes of his son, but it's just not enough time to get to know the character and before you know it, it's over. I think I would have just preferred to end it that way. Or, now that the sequel is being made, maybe start it with the death of John in a prologue and then go from there. But, yeah I think I like the idea of ending with John's death.

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Lemoyne outlaw

like many people here i loved the red dead redemption story but there are some things that could have been added.


more of marshal johnson and his deputys. i thought the missions involving them were some of the best. they were great and funny characters. when they were brought back in undead nightmare i was very excitied but then it just turned out to be a side quest. i would love to see a younger marshal johnson in red dead redemption 2. maybe he is a sherrif in another town before he moved to armadillo.


a bigger native american role. native americans are very interesting and are very big in westerns. unfortunatly in rdr they play a minor role. but it is understandable since during the time there wasent any major indian wars going on so it makes sense. but i would still add more missions involving them. i will say though the idea of dutch making a gang of natives from reservations is pretty cool. also i wish we could have had more missions with nastas he was the only friendly indian and he met a sad end.


a bigger story with john at home. it was nice when john comes back home and is with his family but it feels so short. i also love beechers hope and that area and it would have ben nice if we could do more stuff there. and also i would have liked to learn more about uncle he was a great character and he deserved more screen time. and a warm and tender embrace he earned it after sacraficing himself for the family. and last but not least dont kill john.

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While I do kind of agree that ending it at the point of John dying is kind of a good idea, it would immediately cut out the possibility of completing anything you hadn't done. And there would be no end-game state where you can just explore the world, so really, that's completely out of the question for me. As much as I hate Jack, he does at least allow the world to continue after John's death, which is absolutely integral to the story and the mood of the game.


I'd have spent a little more time at the McFarlane ranch, and perhaps given Bonnie a bigger part to play, though she does get decent time in the game generally.


Honestly though, I can't think of anything that would improve the story as such, other than maybe trimming down the Mexico section slightly. For me, it has the best story of any game I've played and it feels utterly authentic and true to the great Western genre.

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I would only suggest the story writers to do something else with the Mexico part of the story. I didn't like how John got involved with the different factions in the revolution and how he was running like a 'headless chicken' and meeting with boring characters like Luisa. This doesn't necessarily mean to get rid of Nuevo Paraiso, but maybe rebuild the story into something that has nothing do with a revolution and make us meet with more interesting characters that would help us finding Williamson and Escuella.

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Give Javier more screen time and story, he feels a bit rushed to me

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The narrative needed more Herbert Moon!

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