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GTA V Redux - Discussion

Recommended Posts

Marty McFly

Shame that all of his comments seem to be deleted, _CP_ and robi29 could frame that and hang it on a wall :D

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Wrong topic.

Edited by Jax765

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Really o.O can you link that maybe? About the names, I never said that it's your fault or it's a problem or anything, it's just something that occured to me. Didn't know that people figured it out though, I just rarely read mod reviews where they just stick to a username.

Also, if you got more to say to this, please PM me about it, we're slowly derailing this thread I'm afraid.


Did anyone actually get an answer from Romito or did he go into hiding?

I didn't even want to discuss this here you randomely out of the blue brought it up just out of nowhere so let's end it right here


Ontopic I think he is ignoring everything as thats the best method on drama if you say nothing it'll eventually blow over if you say something you'll just make it worse it's standard slimy pr

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I am completely sure that he also stole several of my mods, too!! :angry:





What a coincidence, don't you think?






Another one, i made a nostalgic blueish color filter...






...and one of the ReShade presets included it's very similar: Who's Blue? Again, what a casuality that he decided to "create" a blue tonemapping filter...






Screenshots of the original work:







I created those modifications months ago and that thief just came and took wathever he want from me and many other people!... ...he is a total faceless without any shame!!! :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:





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No offense, but so he just took your values and that's it? No to say that you didn't put a lot of work, but that's like berating a person for using the same keybinds as you.

No offence, but he only took your cake that you made and passed it off as his own, but that's like berating a person when you can both just go and buy a cake.


So he made a chocolate cake, and if I make the same cake I'm stealing something? This is childish as hell. It's literally just numbers. If it was code or textures or something I would understand, but calling out a person for building on top of what an another person has built is stupid. Why make something new, if you're just ultimately going to make something close to the same thing?


cakes are different than the video game codes. people actually buy the eggs, cake powders and milk and everything but CP actually rewritten each of the timecycle files from scratch.

he put efforts to write the codes for the visualv but cake doesn't need that much of an effort. I'm 14 years old and I Baked a cake by myself. it was so easy. speaking of cakes.

Jromito didn't credit any of the mods that he stole from ohh and the only childish thing we see here is your Username. and Redux is a pack of stolen mod which is overrated too, the graphics look just like the VisualV. CP didn't steal his codes but jromito did. visualv came out in 2015 (1 year ago) and redux came out 2 months ago. the only things that make redux to look different are the reshade presets which are probably stolen too, but if and only if he made the presets himself which he most likely didn't, that wouldn't really make josh romito a good modder or that wouldn't make redux a good mod. because making reshade presets and enb presets are so easy. I've seen some newbies, making some reshade preset. that doesn't surprise me. the only childish here is your behaviour and your username and the fact that you are trying to defend redux.

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I'm still surprised after 5 months his website is still living and running
Didn't he just abandoned the mod after he went butthurt?

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His Twitter account is still up too - a friend of mine tweeted him:
"hey when will the next version come out, surely there's more sh*t you could steal and profit from"
No response, the thieving prick didn't even bother deleting his tweet to try and cover his tracks surprisingly enough. :lol:

Edited by RM76

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