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Low Rollin Garage Car Club (XB1 ONLY)

o PrrodOG

Recommended Posts

Low Rollin Garage

New but experienced social club looking for members to join us in social meets and other activities.

if you are into your Stance, Tuner, JDM, CustomClassics and Bikes then look no further than Low Rollin Garage.

We are a U.K Based club but welcoming members from worldwide to come and join us and enjoy the passion we all share.

We hold meets throughout the week mainly small meets but on Wednesday have a Big Midweek Meetup, Times of course vary to different TimeZones.

As a club weve seen how the car scene on GTA 5 has grown and the love of a car meet but us here at Low Rollin Want to bring the events from real world into GTA with the styles and looks of different events throughout the year to bring competition to the car scene to make sure we get the very best at each major event we hold. Our one Solid event is our Low N Loud show held soon.

We do social gatherings where we chill out and enjoy the game for what its worth on the side we run bike runs and live stream events we hold we are more than jut a crew we are friends enjoying the good things that come with being and doing stuff together we are:

Low Rollin Garage


No Killing of crew mates

destroying and purposely crashing of cars is forbidden

occasionally wear crew emblem to a meet ( on clothing )

ranks will be given for active members.

Members get priority to events and meets over non members

anyone with skills in helping the crew expand will be greatly appreciated.




If you have any questions message me @https://socialclub.r...member/oprrodog

Also Add me on social club and XB1

please send any crew requests to https://socialclub.r...w_rollin_garage

requests will be accepted within 1-2 days

Also for meet updates and general Low Rollin Garage News head over to @LOwRollinGarage

and give us a follow to keep up to date

we are trying to change the face of GTA 5 Meets Bring th real world shows and styles to GTA everyone is welcome


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