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Bikers update out now!


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The worst part is for people like me who have to wait until the evening before we can even download the update even though it's available in the morning!

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If we're talking about trailer music, even if there never may be one, I was messing around the cintent creator and I can not remember which song was on (Los Santos Rock Radio) but it would have suited a biker trailer, I think it was Mississippi Queen

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Why would R* not release a trailer? they seem to love making a trailers.

This is not first time to do this,in past there are few dlcs that didn't have trailer until day of release.

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The worst part is for people like me who have to wait until the evening before we can even download the update even though it's available in the morning!

On PS4 you can leave it on sleep mode and it will download while you are away if the settings are set up correctly. I don't know about Xbox1 though.

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the wait is killing me. I'm sure there will be things I don't like or wish were done better, but I've probably felt the same way to most sequels/add-on/updates to all my favorite games.



i can probably count the lowriders ive seen in public sessions on 1 hand.



1 DONK. ever.


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Remember when this community was loving and respectful of others opinions? Yeah, me neither. Same old people arguing over the same old crap. Seriously, the games been out forever. If its not fun anymore or the DLCs arent for you, maybe its time to find a new game and a new forum to bitch on. This DLC isnt really for me but for me to whine and cry like a little spoiled brat would be ridiculous.


Im holding out hope that theres still a chance they have a sidecar that they havent shown. Looking forward to a nice looking Biker outfit. Would find it hilarious if there were some assless chaps!!!


Enjoy your petty arguments. Ill check back in later to see the hype and the snipe.

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Sort of become a tradition for me to post this gif every time a new update is announced, it seems oddly fitting every single time.







Properly on topic, I'm super pumped for this update. Sure hope those vests aren't just MC clothing (Like VIP clothing was) But I think R* have learned their lesson from last time. Can't wait for the ratbike, however I'll have a hard time choosing which motorcycle to sell. Already got 10, so don't need more than 10, lol.

Edited by LordMarvel
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Speaking of needing a hug.. some people seems to need a good slapping!
Doing a google-search on 'gta v bikers DLC' with the setting of just the recent hour! you get:


And 4!! more pages of clickbaiters!! If you are anyone of these, I actually feel sorry for the desperation of attention!
(and that I have blocked youtube ads, and still will not click any of them) ;)

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Karin Snipe, that is.. ;)

Karin Snipe will be a new bike added with the GTA:O Bikers update!


The Karin Snipe can be purchased from legendarymotorsports.net, it has a pricetag of 15,000,000GTA$ and has a special armored variant complete with a built in minigun that shoots explosive missiles for an additional 5,000,000GTA$. We've taken the liberty to also pre-fit it with chrome paint and lime green Dolla rims and pink neons! Take to the streets on this new beast today.

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Man, I can't wait to check out the clothes.

That's what I'm mostly excited for. That and the new weapons. I can't wait any longer. :panic:

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i really really hope we're not let down. my hype aint huge. cause then i get letdown. but i hope theres bikes vehicles and a clubhouse with missions. and properties/garages in paleto bay. id be happy with that.

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Don't know if this question has been asked and answered already in this topic, but;


At what time do updates usually drop on the day of release?



Get ready...

Thanks man!


Also thanks for gridl0k responding that quickly,


Bonuspoints for the fact that the city I'm from is placed on the top of that schedule.

The updates or the release of the DLC? The Halloween vehicles were in game being spawned at least a day before they were released,with this DLC being as big as its being made out to be I don't think they want modders ruining this. I don't think we'll see the update I think it will just be 1 release at launch.


I'm sure R* saw what happened with the Halloween surprise and I doubt they're gonna let the same jerks get away with it again.

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Oh man...I really don't want sell any of my vehicles.


Please, 6 slot garage. :panic:

The giant gaping hole in my wallet. I can smell it already.


Im going to buy a clubhouse first thing. Then hopefully customising some bikes. Then time to test the new MC feature out.


Im so nervous and excited and scared lol... RIP my sleep tonight...

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Oh man...I really don't want sell any of my vehicles.


Please, 6 slot garage. :panic:

We better get a 6th! I need the Halloween stuff.... I have 3 spaces open..... two for the old ones, and one for a possible bike. If Halloween adds a new vehicle, I have to sell something :/

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I haven't been following this update much, after the "delay" I really stopped paying attention but I truly appreciate the amount of updates R* has made to the game since release. The game never could have thrived the way it has for so long without the updates but regardless the sheer amount of content they've added is remarkable. Bikes are a part of the game that's been heavily neglected since release, with a limited variety and even less modifications, cyclists have been craving a more detailed update. With the recent shark card bonus' and the long delay for release I'm hoping that it's a large update inline with low riders and CEO, I'm also hoping R* has learned from their mistakes. Co-op required missions are a bummer and low rider-esque modification costs aren't sustainable. There's been so little to go on this update could really exceed expectations, or it could fall overwhelmingly short. Here's hoping for the best.

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