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Bikers update out now!

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They are 3 years too late with this update. I have waited for this dlc for so long, now we have it, but its too late honestly. Game got bored. Should have added this update earlier so i could enjoy it more.

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Question for a few of my friends Both of them have their own MC is there a way for them to help each other without it considering them a rival?

Join each other's MCs. Take turns on who the leader is by disbanding then forming a new one with whoever needs helpDon't forget to always assign titles to your help. Road Captain is the best because that role can spawn an unarmed Buzzard just like how a CEO can spawn vehicles.


EDIT: And the roles get better pay during sell missions and biker jobs/contracts, except for VP. That role pays garbage for some reason.

Edited by BronxBombers79

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Sanctus is available. Two free t-shirts plus a third for buying the Sanctus. New adversary mode Lost vs. Damned is double cash/RP for the entire event week. The other three adversary modes besides the new Lost vs. Damned will be double cash/RP on Halloween only. Fränken Stange and Lurcher are available again for all who missed out last year. Facepaints, bobbleheads, vehicle horns, and masks available until November 15th. I believe the newswire post said to get the free t-shirts, players must log in by 11/7. Don't forget about the free $250K for logging in before the end of 10/31.



Edited by BronxBombers79

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