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Roleplay in San Andreas Singleplayer..?

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Yeah, uh, Roleplay in San Andreas SP. How can i roleplay, and even Enhance roleplay. So, i was wondering, what activities/stuff i can do in San Andreas that enhance roleplay, or just roleplay. That seems interesting to me.

Any ideas? Go down below.

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lil weasel

Dating the girlfriends to get the Special Clothing. Wear the Special Clothing on the designated missions.

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Get a mod to prolong the hours, and sleep at night time. Eat regularly.


Also try driving slower with traffic. Some missions will break all RP for you though with time limits etc. That can't really be helped. I guess just get into the mindset that CJ is you and you are CJ. Act how you'd act in that situation.


Also remember that missions can be done differently to how they're set out. You don't always have to take a certain vehicle that you're supplied with, you can jack/use another one. Use that to help make decisions closer to what you'd make.

Edited by MrPeteyMax
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I'd recommend installing some mods for traffic, ped spawning (so that more gang members will spawn at night, cops will spawn in groups in gangland territory etc) and fuel mod. Certainly helped immerse me in a playthrough that I did. Generally, whatever you want to make your experience more immersive most likely exists and that reels you into the world and makes you feel like the protag

EDIT: Totally slipped my mind when writing this, but don't forget to just walk around the hood and interact with peds (respond to their comments and such), do drive-bys and just generally kill every Balla you see. Being as "gangsta" as possible pre-Green Sabre, post-Home Coming

Edited by BeauShow

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Why not just roleplay in multiplayer?

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Why not just roleplay in multiplayer?

I don't know. Well, Because Random Deathmatchers, admins not giving a f**k about hackers that bother me.. Do i have to continue?

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J Krazy

Something I made up on PS2 was a purge type roleplay for singleplayer, just use these cheats:


- Never Wanted


- Recruit Anyone (so it's not just gang members in your squad while you're purging)


- Pedestrians Riot


- Pedestrians Carry Weapons


Now go recruit as much gang members/regular NPCs as you can and go purge and stay alive as long as you can. Try to keep your members alive during firefights too.

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You don't even need mods tbh I play on the ps2 version and probably have more fun on there in my roleplay probably more then people with mods the key is try to stay as realistic as possible resemble your game after sh*t you like me I'm into the 90s early 2000s gang bangin music industry sh*t I made my game after that. In my game every Grove Street hood you see on the map in my game is not Grove Street families that's how the sh*t get boring mine is set off in what part of the map their in so for example I started a group up in the Jefferson called the bounty hunter goons based off the bounty hunter bloods in Watts in L.A and pj Jefferson ballas which is a Rollin height set in my game we gang bang realistically like in real life when LA was active as f*ck gangs didn't have gang wars every single days half of the time they was just worried about gettin money and holding down they hood and if somebody from a different hood try to come through they hood they get dealt with just like in my game the only time I really even bang on other sets is if they kill one of my mine or just shoot me for no reason then I'll get some homies from Grove Street and retaliate my main rivals is what ever balla hood is close to me like how willow field Rollin height ballas is by me and front yard in idlewood Is by me my biggest rival is front yard ballas from idlewood this beef got huge every since I killed Kane a OG from front yard ballas in that mission where he was at that funeral but it didn't really get that bad until they killed one of mine his name lil loco from ganton grove street I took him on a robbery with me in the black truck from the projects in ganton and he was my look out but when I came out the front yard ballas from idlewood shot him up when we got in the car and he was just slumped over and I rushed him to the hospital and he died this sh*t is what turned the volume up on our beef we had a funeral in temple and all temple drive families was there and everybody from ganton was there it was a huge ass funeral that same night we retaliated hard asf ran through all front yard hoods killing everybody we seen wearing purple and we killed they high ranking member lil boss that same night he tried to take off and run but we got him in a alley did him dirty and I run blastin fools records the record label you managed madd dogg under I made it bigger in my game I'm not gonna get into that whole story line and how we got started but I had a artist name MC East my biggest artist on my label ever was killed in 1993 he was having a show in las venturas and we chilled in front of woodie casino for a lil bit after we just came off the highway back to Los Santos and Made a lil stop by the club by idlewood and got into a huge confrontation and fight with front yard ballas we ran to the car after they pulled out guns and the spiked car and hit MC East Side multiple times and I was hit in the head and drove him to the hospital and he died six days later And all this was done with no mods or scripts this is just straight recruit anyone cheat codes and playing realistically

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Official General

Firstly, do you have the PC version ? If so, I can recommend mods and post again. If not, then :


* Territory Glitch - with this CJ can start gang wars with other gangs claim gang territories in the 2 other cities of San Fierro and Las Venturas, and even the small towns. Grove Street Families want new territory outside of LS, they wanna expand, but other gangs are in the way. Win them, lose them, win them back.


* Recruit anyone with a pistol cheat and peds have weapons cheat. Go into nightclubs, strip clubs, bars and create shootouts.


* Do drive-bys on rival gangs with your homies in the toughest hoods and try and survive with all of your gang members alive.


* Gamble away your money in Las Venturas and get into debt with loansharks coming after you.


* Buy Wang Cars and steal cars for export at the docks and get cash.


* Try and earn enough money without cheating, and buy all safehouses, or buy a safehouse in every city and town.


* Pimping side missions, become the city's top and most feared pimp.


* Visit strip clubs and get private dances.


* Get all the girlfriends to fully like CJ.


* Burglaries, try all different kinds homes in different locations.

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Literally just posted this in another, somewhat similar post:


My roleplay is how I believe CJ would typically be like outside of missions


In the beginning arc, I spend a lot of time hanging around Grove Street and its turf. I try not to steal cars yet, just ride cjs bmx (or if I happen to lose it, the one that's occasionally parked by one of the houses on Grove St.), Sweet's Greenwood, or Cjs low-rider once he obtains it. I always respond to pedestrians, and I'll switch it up from negative to positive depending on what they said. I see Denise as often as I can, and I try to max out her romance bar before I leave Los Santos. I always wear green, and I'll almost always recruit some homies before I leave GSF turf. I respond negatively to crack dealers and I'll usually kill them after to help keep that sh*t off the streets. I kill Ballas on site, but I'll leave the Vagos and Aztecas alone unless they provoke me. Sometimes I'll have CJ put on his basketball shorts/Jersey and play some ball at Sweets. I'll go to the gym and restaurants every now and then, gradually increasing his weight as the story goes on. I'll even have on his boxing gear whenever he learns new moves at the gym. Sometimes I'll rob (kill) pedestrians in Ballas turf to gain some quick cash, while wearing the green bandana. At night I'll occasionally do burglary, sometimes in Ballas turf and other times at the richer neighborhoods by like Vinewood. I try to get all tags done by the last Ryder mission, showing that Ryder is the reason why the homies get better guns/guns appear at the house. I make sure the Jefferson hotel turf is owned by GSF before doing the mission with the huge gang meeting there. (makes a lot more sense that way) I won't swim until Woozie asks him to, indicating that CJ has a somewhat traumatizing fear of water and can't really swim too well until Woozie makes him learn.


Once the Ballas take over and CJ is forced out of LS I gradually make him less gangsta, making him wear less green and develop his style a bit. I even change up the radio station from rap to other stuff now, including the talk radio to hear about Big Smoke. I do almost all the side stuff and asset missions as a way of making CJ gain money in more legit ways now, when San Fierro gangs approach CJ I make him back off and respond like he's no longer in a gang. I make him drive slightly less chaotic, still not following the rules but not bad enough to crash or get police attention. CJ is a natural playa so I make him date all of the girls he meets, keeping all their bars up. I specifically do Jizzy's missions with the pimp suit that Denise gives you. I do Cesar's eternal side mission at least once. I make CJ learn martial arts.


By Las Venturas/ End of the game I make CJ dress in the finest clothes, and drive the nicest cars. For those who don't know, his dialogue changes depending on what he wears/his weight/how much money he has, so this helps a lot with roleplay. (He even has specific gangsta/GSF dialogue when he wears his gang colors) His skills are maxed out, or at least close to maxed. He knows all 3 fighting styles. I make him respond positive to most things, even if it's insults.


Once the riots break out and CJ and Sweet take back the Grove, I make it as if CJ goes back to his GSF self, learning that he should never forget where he comes from and that the hood and the homies are just as important as his wealth and success. He goes back to wearing green, and I make him kill any Ballas, Vagos, or crack dealers in site. I make sure all of the turf in LS is owned by GSF before the very last mission (with the exception of the Ballas turf surrounding Smokes crack house, which I purposefully leave owned by them)


After beating the game, I make CJ wear the green suit, with a gold chain and sunglasses, and proceed to collect the assets of his businesses all across San Andreas.

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