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The Official James Bond Series Discussion Thread

The Rockstar Gamer 108

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I've got them all, and of all the bonds I feel that dalton is very underrated. He was quite decent, I don't remember his first one being the best, but his second film was one of my favorites. I don't know why people diss his film with quantum of solace around.

Edited by ChoosyCircle
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The Time Ranger

2nd trailer released for Craigs swansong, No Time To Die.

Looks promising, I've been waiting for this for a while, the Craig era is my favourite, while Quantum of Solice and Spectre were weaker than Skyfall and Casino Royale, I thought they did a good job of bringing Bond into the 21st century, a darker, more realistic, if that word can be applied to Bond, take. 


I like that tonally with Craig's films they settled for a more serious take with just enough fan service thrown in, imo with the Brosnan era they had an identity crisis, are we going serious or cheesy, and we ended up with invisible cars and face swapping North Koreans, leave the face swapping to Nicholas Cage.


Ana De Armas and Daniel Craig are reunited after starring together in the excellent Knives Out, rumour is her screen time is limited as she was a late addition to the film, if this is true it's a pity as she is one of my favourite new actresses, she has a believability about her and great screen presence. Either way good to see her.


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On 9/3/2020 at 1:57 PM, The Time Ranger said:

leave the face swapping to Nicholas Cage.

Not a fan of Mission Impossible, huh?

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Looking forward to the new one, really quite enjoyed Daniel Craig's run of Bond flicks but I have been a lifelong fan of the series, grew up on Bond movies really. Absolutely loved Craig's Casino Royale with Mads Mikkelson as a quality baddie, and Skyfall was pretty moving considering too I felt.


Live and Let Die was always a real favourite, cracking theme song but Bond has largely always been on form with theme music. Goldeneye another with Sean Bean in good form, of course most of Connery's are absolute gold, classic cinema. I always loved many of the baddies in Bond movies too, I remember being so fascinated with Jaws as a kid, lol. Scary big dude was Richard Kiel. Fun fact: He was in Happy Gilmore and scared the piss out of Shooter McGavin. 🤣🤣

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Big Molio
18 hours ago, Lonely-Martin said:

I remember being so fascinated with Jaws as a kid, lol. Scary big dude was Richard Kiel.



The Spy Who Loved Me is probably my favourite Bond film. I was born in 1974 so Roger was my Bond really as I was growing up. I know his films inside out and back to front. I think I watched The Man with the Golden Gun every day in my six week school holiday one particular year.


I do like Connery as well though, I think that You Only Live Twice is my favourite (no surprise there seeing as it is virtually the same plot as The Spy Who Loved Me) but I have a real fondness for From Russia With Love too, because the always awesome Robert Shaw is in it.

Edited by Big Molio
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Mr JoeStalin
On 9/3/2020 at 11:27 PM, The Time Ranger said:

the Craig era is my favourite

I'd always prefer Sean Connery (like Goldfinger, Thunderball and Dr.No were superb) then Pierce Brosnan (Golden Eye, T.W.I.N.E and Die Another Day) then comes Craig with Spectre my favorite from his time.


Edited by NileshKumar
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Mr JoeStalin

Tom Hardy will play 007 after No Time to Die..


It will be interesting to see how he changes his look to fit into Bond's character

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The Time Ranger

Saw this comment on the No Time To Die Trailer, credit to

Miles Peckover



Would love to see a James Bond movie where we see him:


1. Bored as f*ck doing actual surveillance and counter-surveillance.

2. Has no idea why he's given any of his objectives by his bosses.

3. Eventually finds out that he's actually just on a job where the government are using him to secure financial assets or to disrupt emerging democracies.

4. Spends some serious time risk-assessing his relationships with unusually attractive, conveniently available women.

5. Goes to the clinic after shagging his way through the intelligence assets of several nations and finds out he has chlamydia.


Edited by The Time Ranger
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  • 3 weeks later...

The song is pretty good. I've heard of Billie Eilish, but I've never heard any of her songs before:



For some reason I'm really impressed with her pronunciation of the word "concern". I don't know why.

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  • 1 month later...

I've been watching all of the Bond movies in release order, right now I'm up to A View To a Kill, the last film I watched was Never Say Never Again. My favorite Bond is Connery.

Wish I had more to add but here's to hoping there's more activity in this thread to rejuvenate discussion, 007 is one of my favorite film franchises now.

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Mr JoeStalin

I always liked Dr. No and Goldfinger because the story in both of them were amazing.


As for Daniel Craig, he can still do much better (CR, Skyfall and Spectre were good tho)

Edited by NileshKumar
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The Time Ranger

Despite it's good reviews I thought On Her Majesty's Secret Service was the worst Bond i've ever seen. Lazenby is as wooden as a pirates cock, Telly Savalas has the acting chops to be a great Bond villian, but he's just wasted, the plot is absurd, I know Bond isn't exactly Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, but get this, Blofield assembles all these beauitful women from around the world, all with unique allergies, he plans to extract the allergies to create a "super allergy" and spread it. 


That plot is ironic B-movie fodder, there's a scene where all the lovely ladies are eating dinner, they're eating their national food, the English one has a roast dinner, the Chinese one has some noodle based dish, so far so good right? No get this, the Jamician lady is having a traditional dinner of two bananas with sugar on the side, brown sugar that is, didn't age well, felt like a Family Guy cutaway gag.


Edited by The Time Ranger
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On 10/19/2016 at 3:57 PM, Gummy  said:

Does any of you remember Dolly (Jaws' girlfriend) in Moonraker having braces on her teeth?

Sure 😀 I rememeber her...

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