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I bought LCS through the PSN online store on my PS3. Finally got around to playing it. I immediately noticed that the graphics were really clunky and rough around the edges. Also the frame rate constantly lags whether I'm driving, walking, etc. I never played the PSP or PS2 versions so I have nothing to compare it to. I did load up GTA III on my PS3 which also was bought in the PSN store. Its graphics are just fine: smooth and no frame rate stutter. If LCS is the same level design then why are the graphics so clunky compared to GTA III? Just wondering if there is an issue with my PS3.

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There is nothing wrong with your PS3. The PSN version it seems to be the same game released on PS2, and yes those technical troubles like stutter and frame rate drops are present on the PS2 version as well. LCS for PS2 (which is the same on PS3/PSN) seems to be a very badly optimized port from the PSP version, that is the best version of the game (excluding some improvements that they made to the PS2 version).

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The PS3 version (which is a PS2 emulated version) is a pain on the neck, it's normal, there's no issues with your PS3. The lag goes away when you place the camera over the top, focusing Tony's head.


One of the main reasons why I stopped playing.

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