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Gta2 weird scripting problem with arrows


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I've been working on years with Gta2 mod. I have a mod map with 1000 lines main script with about 30 mission scripts, modded cars, sounds and newer Gta-style buyable safehouses for saving etc. Today something weird happened with my mod:


All my missions, with any other arrow, than the first one I have declared (called arrow1), will crash my game at the point when arrow comes on my screen. I think it happened, when I added some basic lines on my main script (two threat_triggers for phones and one item generator), but really don't have any clue. All the missions that have now crashing problems, worked flawlessly weeks, and I didn't make anything for them. Missions with only one arrow work well still, and all the other things from the main script like phones, gangs, safehouses etc works too.


What is tested:

- Declare a new arrow to main script, and use it on missions = crash

- Declare a new arrow to mission script, and use it = crash

- Remove "broken" arrows from mission script = everything works

- using POINT_ARROW_AT on main script with any other arrows than arrow1 = crash

- Add my mod on fresh install of GTA2 (11.44 and 11.43) = crash

- Removed all lines, that I made on main script = crash

- Changed my declaration order on main script, and arrow1 started to crash missions too.


Is there some kind of limit on length of main script? Is here someone who have had same kind of problem with arrows? It's weird that all working arrows just stopped to work, and I haven't do anything that is connected with them.


Same thing happened me somewhere 2012-2013. Had mission with 3 arrows at the same time, everything worked, and suddenly one day, one of my arrows started to crash my game. Only solution I found was just remove that arrow, and make missions with max 2 arrows same time. It worked years, but now the problem just got worse, and my missions are unplayable.



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There's a limit of 6000 commands in a main script. File size limit is either 45536 bytes or 56332 bytes, depending on if you are using a patched compiler: http://gtamp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5112#p5112


If the filename is too long then you get crashes that you wouldn't normally get if you used an 8 character filename.


Most crashes are caused by trying to access or delete an object that doesn't exist or exceeding some limit.


Comment out commands until it works fine to see if you can find the cause of the crashes. Send the whole mod and I'll try to find the problem.

Edited by Sektor
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So the lenght of the main script is not the problem, and I'm using the patched compiler. I checked my whole main script last night and it seemed to be ok.


The mission that I have tested, has 2 arrows - arrow1 and arrow10. When I commented out all the lines with arrow10, mission works well. When i commented out all the lines with arrow1 and let only arrow10 there, it crashes. Both of them are declared in main script next to each other. Does same with the other mission with same two arrows in it. I have tested it with changing arrow10 to arrow2, which is declared in main script too - crashing again.


I can send you the whole mod when i get to home. There is a little problem, that there isn't any comments on main scripts and missions, so I think I have to comment it a little before sending =D Thanks a lot for answering and helping!

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It appears that having more than 14 or 15 gang phones (GREEN_PHONE, YELLOW_PHONE, RED_PHONE) reduces the amount of POINT_ARROW_AT arrows you can have on screen at the same time (causing a crash). If you need to have many arrows then change those gang phones to normal PHONE.

Edited by Sektor
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Thanks a lot, it works now! If you have more than 3 gangs, do not make gang phones to all of them or it will crash double arrow missions.

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