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⭐ Miss Los Santos 2016 Winner Announced ⭐


Recommended Posts





Ladies and gentlemen, today I’m proud to announce our winner!

Miss Los Santos 2016
Shelby Jahaira Spencer Hewitt
By @Mr. Specter








Please give a round of applause for our amazing winner!


Mr. Specter's character is, without a doubt, Miss Los Santos, a beautiful character complemented by elegance, class and glamour, and I am therefore very honored to have him and his character as this year's winner. This competition involved a lot of hard work and dedication on the part of all those who participated, and they are all winners in their various achievements. But today is Mr. Specter's day, so please take some time to congratulate him and his character. :)


2nd Place



3rd Place



First and foremost, I wanted to give Mr. Specter his moment without the senseless need for controversy. With that said, I had a very hard time making a final judgment concerning the runner-ups. The Final Averages will reveal that o ILL AUDIO o and Sariska tied for a score of 8 each, and in the event of a tie, the contestant with the strongest popular vote would take precedent.


Unfortunately, the integrity of this contest remains a top priority, and while I appreciate the enthusiasm from the larger GTA community as a whole, my initial concerns regarding the poll ultimately materialized throughout the voting process.


On one hand, it vindicated the need for judges tasked with upholding the criteria. On the other, it exposed an electorate rife with mendacity. My only concern, however, was whether or not any contestants had any involvement in the creation of false accounts that voted for them.


So without going into too much detail, I have good reason to believe this occurred with one of our contestants.

Therefore, I have decided to penalize this individual 2.5 raw points, about half the deduction of points made to those who might have failed to provide newly themed photos (5 points). As a result, Sariska wins 2nd place, and NataliePiers assumes 3rd.





The following awards have been bestowed upon some of our participants:

Best Cosplay

Most Creative Background Story


Most Creative Videos





Most Unique


Most Distinguished Veteran


Most “Experienced”


A Face Only a Mother Could Love


Most Likely to Kill Another Contestant in Their Sleep

Diana McFarland

Most Creative Snaps




Go ahead and give these folks 5 stars in their forum profiles. They deserve it!


Final Stage Introduction:



We have reached the final stretch! Welcome to the Final Act of Miss Los Santos 2016. Before we get things started, I would just like to thank a few people who made this possible. Firstly, we need to thank the GTAF Staff and Admins for their support. We would not have been able to properly organize this contest and allow us to bestow our lovely medals without them; they've been invaluable in helping us keep the related threads moderated. Secondly, we need to personally thank our amazing judges for remaining so committed to the integrity of this contest, and never wavering throughout. Their hard work has not gone unnoticed and is greatly appreciated. Finally, we need to thank all the contestants for their hard work and dedication. This contest would not be possible without you all. Creativity was at an all-time high, and it really shows how good people can assemble within this community and make something positive of it. Everyone was a winner this year.



Moving on to the contest, the format will remain the same as the Second Stage, except that voting will now be confined to our 10 finalists. I will open the poll within 5-7 days of posting this thread (subject to change). In the meantime, you will be responsible for posting a new set of snaps, or transferring your older ones, along with any extras, such as bios, videos, etc. The criteria will remain the same throughout the contest with the addition of the following:


You will now be required to show snaps of:

- Formal wear (dresses, professional, glamorous appeal)
- Slumber wear (pajamas, lingerie)



How many snaps you decide to commit to the aforementioned is entirely up to you, but you will now be allowed to submit up to 10 snaps. You do not have to commit to 10, but providing at least 5 snaps will remain a requirement. Any failure to provide the themed snaps by the time polling closes risks a loss of 5 raw points on your total score. This means if you earned a score of 19, it will automatically become a total score of 14.


You can start by transferring your previous photos now, and then properly updating them along the way until polling closes. Please post your submissions in this thread. Closing date is tentative based on when polling opens. Any other questions, please inquire within the thread.




(in alphabetical order):














Mr. Specter




























Note: If any of the contestants would like me to change any of the above photos to one more of their liking, please let me know, and I will change it.


Just please make sure you keep your composure until the dust settles, ladies!



Previous threads:

Preliminary Round

The Second Stage

Edited by X S
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Very helpful attaching pics to each of the contestants names. Thanks for that!! Hats off to the final 10! Good luck to all of you!

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VOTE FOR slimsy1901!!!


If you are honest with yourself all of the other characters have certain ugly angles and/or they play up style instead of a hot face (you know, the one part of the character you control aside from skin color...)

Edited by GTAForumsUser1
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Go Rexx!


*you can pay me to change this to any other entry name, though this is not paid by Rexx...yet*

Best of luck to all ladies. A top ten is like the best flirt you can get. "Hey girl, you're in my top ten". I'd be melting by that point.

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Good luck to Natalie Piers, my fellow 5exy!

Edited by Candy Suxxx
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Milfrah Master Race!


Let's be honest though, who doesn't like MILFs?

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Where all my ILL supporters? ;_;

On a serious tip, when is the dealine? I have a pretty busy week ahead of me.

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There's no deadlines for updated submissions. The only deadline associated is one with a failure to comply with the new standards before polling closes. It's the same as the last stage.

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Good luck to everyone here, and many compliments to every single character creator that entered the preliminary stages too! You all did excellent work!


Original post's text:

I would with a brief description call her an artist, rebel, & professional muse.
Real name & age unkown. She's probably somewhere between 20 and 29.

-aggressive meditative motorcycle riding
-swimming with wild dolphins
-spontaneous conteplations
-occasional heavy storms
-to inspire and to be inspired
-certain extreme sports
-living a life worth living every second

-not much really; routines & licorice pipes...



For more photos(including previous mandatories) and thoughts related to images, please refer to 2nd stage post

Ok, I somehow convinced her to do a proper slumber & formal wear photo. I say HER, since you're judging her, and not me, hehe! You can call her Miss Freckles if she absolutely needs a name.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Thanks for feedback and votes, much appreciated! BUT to be as fair as possible, I must remind you all that everyone should judge the created female GtaOnline characters with emphasis based on their looks/characters/bio/style/etc, and not be distracted by the quality of the images or videos too much. Regardless if you feel the visual projections are too good or too bad. Try to look beyond that. Myself I have a photographic background IRL, so I tend to push it a little hard visually even inside games like GTA. So I think it is only fair to remind voters and judges that this is mainly a criteria of female character creations, and NOT a photography or filmmaking competition. GTAF has brilliant weekly competition threads dedicated to just that! For me at least it would feel like a shallow victory if my female character creation (by any small chance) won predominantly based on the images that portrayed her!

I also had the luxury of collecting moments from a large archive that spans over a year back. It was not a vast challenge. I wish I had time to make a lot of new material, but I am just too busy with work nowadays. So remember to give some extra credit to everyone here that actually seem to truly make an hard effort to create new visual content just for this event. I know I will :)





















(The film was rushed, and not 100% done yet. But it's ok to view here as a presentation of the GTAOnline character)


Unfortunately, no time for new videos, but in any case; here is some older ones she stars in:




Edited by _-Chy-_
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(Preliminary Round) -The Queen Of Cosplay- 💁🏼🔱👯

Name: Natalie Piers.

Ethnicity: Caucasian.

Age: 27.

Height: 511"

Weight: 140 lbs.

Eye Colour: Hazel-almond eyes, original documented colour.

Hair Colour: Chestnut brown, original document colour.

Tattoos: an origami symbol on her left wrist, as well as an ever changing wide variety of airbrush tattoos.

Home Town: Algonquin, Liberty city.

Current Residence: Pillbox Hill, Los Santos.

Marital Status: Single.

Occupation: San Andreas most popular cosplayer, actress and psychopath.

Likes: boys, movies, killing, comic books, art, supporting others, hair products and her cat.

DisLikes: having to come up with dislikes.

Background: Colourful and breathtakingly beautiful, Natalie Piers is the rejected daughter of Vinewood film producer Solomon Richards and Elleen Johnson, mother of deceased starlet Leonora Johnson.

Due too the complicated relationship between them, Natalie was given up for adoption at an early age and was left in the care of a loving Foster family in Liberty City.

Raised by her Caitlin Piers and Alex Piers alongside there cousin Karen, Natalie grew into a brilliant, but rather mousy young woman. Her academic skill led to her being accepted to the prestigious "Vespucci University" is where she double-majored in computer science and creative arts.

Shortly after with her love for all things geek, she moved to "Los Santos" in pursuit of living out her dream in which she did spectacularly, using her talents to became a well known name in the cosplay scene.

Creating a website dedicated to herself with an impressive portfolio that consists of over 47 costumed characters all of which she has diligently crafted and modeled.

The newly titled queen of cosplay's ever-growing popularity propelled her into a new career of acting and has landed her roles in many blockbuster films such as.

(Miss Magnificent 2014) A superhero origin story loosely based on a real life beauty pageant in which Natalie was crowned the winner of back in 2012, the film also features a special guest appearance of Impotent Rage played by Frank Simms.

(Lectro-Pink 2015) female lead action hero story about a sexy, badass biker/hit woman and her quest for vengeance.

(Let's steal from the military 2013) A comedy starring a vast collection of famous comedians in pursuit to bankrupt the military.

(Iridescent butterfly 2015) produced by Epsilon studios the film is an religious/action/romantic story about a cybernetic angel from another planet sent to destroy the insavables and rescue those who do not exist in just one time or place.

(When beauty tamed the beast 2014) Shot in Blaine County, this story is about a journey of a girl who abandon society living out in the jungle protecting animals against man, a real mountain lion was used in this film and killed 12 crew members.

(Meltdown twice 2015) " She didn't get the memo." Natalie Piers most critically acclaimed film and was a huge success at the box office and she was rewarded handsomely with her very own star on the vinewood walk of fame.

During this time all was revealed about her birth parents both Solomon Richards and Elleen Johnson used "Richards Majestic Productions" too reconnected with there daughter and dishonourably make money from her name.

Learning of her connections to the sad history of her long lost sister Leonora Johnson and the true nature of her parents, Natalie made a pilgrimage back to her childhood home in attempt to find some peace once again, She didn't find that and what she found changed her life into indescribable horror.

As her entire Foster family whom she considered to be her real family and Ioves more than anything in this world were found murdered, their bodies mutilated scattered in pieces across the kitchen floor.

Neighbours reported hearing a blood curling scream to the police and shortly thereafter they discovered the deceased members at the Piers Estate.

Natalie was nowhere to be found and was listed as a missing person.

Descent Into Madness: The celebrity resurfaced four months later, her unconscious body was found back in Los Santos in the Tataviam Mountains by a hiker just some short distance away from the Land Act Dam where Leonora Johnson's corpse was discovered in 1975.

The actress was brought in for questioning after given some time too recover by LSPD during the interview she spoke with a stutter and appeared to have no recollection of her life and claimed to be completely different person named Christine CunningHam.

It continued, each interview different person until a mental health professional was brought in and diagnosed Natalie Piers with a unheard multiple personality disorder and was committed to a mental institution for treatment soon after.

In her time there, Natalie as been documented to have an astounding 68 alternate personalities most of which are larger than life characters that she has cosplayed in the past, many highly dangerous which played a big role in her escape from the institution just three months after her stay.

Since then, there has been many sightings across both Los Santos and Blaine County of Natalie wearing the tight-fitting costumes of her characters living out short bursts of their fictional personalities resulting in countless killings and heroic acts.

A task force has been assembled by the FIB for her capture, no one knows what happened to Natalie Piers in those four months that she was missing and has never showed any psychological issues before it, now a fugitive, wanted for murder and top suspect for in her families deaths so If you have any information on "Natalie Piers" whereabouts please contact the police immediately.



(The Second Stage) -Rainbow Sword- 💜💙💚💛💖💔🗡💃🏼

As per the norm, Natalie Piers talents usually consist of her unique stylised modelling/cosplay photos wielding colour like a mighty rainbow sword, with her set skills in graphic-design and phototypography and newfound mental issues some of these stories behind the following images may be disturbing to some viewers. discretion is advised.
The last image to be uploaded to the renowned (queen of cosplay.com) site, on July 16, 2016, the ever popular website founded by Miss Piers was taken down by the FIB after reports and on examining the photo further it led to a horrifying crime scene.

Where, Agent, James Smith was found murdered as a result to an astounding 16 gunshot wounds.

His body was said to be moved several times being shot in multiple locations a book was also found at the scene 200 pages and written by someone who claimed to called "Phoenix moon" the notes provided is classified but as many will learn later this was the birth of the famous cosplay killings.


Natalie modelling the new dominatrix clothing line for Swallowco.com back in 2015, it was a high seller.



The screenshots above were taken from the blockbuster hit (Let's steal from the military 2013) and showcased Natalie's superb acting abilities, wanting to prove that she can be sexy, beautiful, humorous and intelligent all in one, unfortunately the sleazy director chose to cut out everything but the sexy parts.

One of the celebrities most inspiring dreams was to be a singer at one point of time and in this image you can see that her dream was realised, reaching a deal with Ecola, an 80s style music video was filmed for the Super Bowl unavailing the highly caffeinated beverages new theme song.

A picture that was released to the public in 2012, some of Natalie's earlier work, she was very happy here.
simple picture taken by her ex-boyfriend, he misses her.
One of Los Santos most horrifying days as Natalie Piers massacred 32 people on Del Perro Beach with a mini gun, carving the word "ham" on the girl holding the camera seen in this image.

(Final Act) -The Crown Is Broken- 👑〽️🔻🕵🏻

Why did you join this pageant?

The normal answer is a sense of achievement right? to feel privileged and honoured, well I joined this pageantry to prove something.

Which is?

To prove that beauty comes with maturity, strength of character, radiance and resilience. It's transcendent so too simply showcase the beauty of a woman requires experience and style.

I've got plenty of that.

How do you see yourself 15 years from now?

Well me personally joining my long lost sister and family in death. but the other people inside my head seem to disagree strongly with those aspirations.

Excuse me?

Some want me to kill everyone in Los Santos and Blaine County as well as Liberty City too and oh! don't forget Vice City, that's one of there favourite places to kill people.

But some! SIT DOWN! ..... just want me to eat right, stay beautiful and healthy and have contributed to society in many shapes and forms.

There's one strange voice that wants me to find a jet pack? people are crazy.

Yes! crazy, how about something a little more light-hearted? Who do you think is the sexiest man alive?

Once I was hit by this big red truck with horns on it, I was in a shopping mall and this filthy, foul mouthed, rugged looking man who was the driver of the vehicle stood over me and told me to watch where I was going? he also called me a stupid bitch? and In that very moment, crying in pain on the floor, my arm broken and watching him literally cut the people around me in pieces with a hatchet.

I fell in love with him so the answer to your question is Trevor Phillips!

Err...Who is the most influential person in your life natalie?

My dad!

That Vinewood film producer Solomon Richards? why is he the most influential person in your life?

Not him! I hate him! my real father, Alex he taught me just how important hard work and respect is, to put value into something that's worth doing and not letting anyone get in my way.

I was a lost little girl and some will say that I still am but he showed me how to love and appreciate the world for what it really is and not what some others try to make you believe.

Also unintentionally he set me on a path, towards a purpose, a dream and that I know would be considered a ridiculous thing to strive for was cosplay! you see he always would read comic books to me as bedtime stories.

And it helped me grow into the woman you see today that hopes to show people something, hopefully that they haven't seen before.

To dress up in spandex? and star in movies? what is the significance of that to you?

Silly, too help people believe something is real! even if it's just for a second, I can take them away from their miserable lives and make them forget, and now it's more real then ever.

Um I think we getting off topic here I'm just gonna quickfire through some questions okay?


If you were given a chance to change something from the past what would it be?

I get the chance to do that every day, watch!

Miss Piers! please refrain from touching the crown, it's out for display and is not yours yet, it's too earn.

Who is Miss Piers? and I'm only looking, wow! It's shiny, and wait a second? there seems to be blood on it?


Yeah! blood. sweat and tears, how strange? anyway here's my pictures that you asked for and by the way Natalie may not see though your trickery mr question man but I know you called the FIB and are currently stalling so I have a question for you now?

If you were given a chance to change something from the past what would it be?


(Final thoughts) win or lose I gave it my all and no one can take that away from me or from any other contestants eliminated from the contest and still in the contest.

I have had a blast despite all the negativity towards me and have throughly enjoyed my experience here, so thank you so very much for all the hard work that the admins, judges and host have put in to make this a spectacular event 😘

I love pictures, particularly modelling pictures and there has been some extraordinary ones, more partial to viewing then taking snaps myself, seriously ask anyone that knows me on social club lol

So thanks for those as well guys and gals, stay beautiful 💕

Edited by NataliePiers
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pretty disappointed i cant participate but as of now o TRILL AUDIO o got the official ya boy dirt endorsement


best of luck ladies n germs









Edited by YA BOY DIRT
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Slightly off-topic, but is this from Attack of the Clones?


Good use of recycling a few female model styles there. Game devs everywhere would be proud

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Wow...you didn't make it.

yes, that's been made quite evident already


guess i aint got what the people wanted



Edited by YA BOY DIRT
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Hello everyone :D Here it is my final attempt for the final stage ;) Good luck to everybody ;)


Name : Feifei
Age : 25
Nationality : Chinese
Height : 162 cm
Weight : 53 kg
Crew : Dragon Fighters
Feifei make photos with elegance :D Look at these legs, so gorgeous :p This is my "Formal wear" snap requirement ;)
"I'm sexy and I know it" :D My snaps for the "Slumber wear" requirement ;)
Feifei is in love with his Dukes, her favorite Muscle Car :p She knows how to fix it ;) It's one of his best talents ;)
She likes to be sexy and make crazy men around her by her charms :p Can you resist to her? ;) One of my snap for the "Slumber wear" requirement ;)
She likes to swim and go to the beach after a long day of work :D
GTA Online - Miss Los Santos 2016 | Final Stage
GTA Online - Miss Los Santos 2016 | Stage 2
GTA Online - Miss Los Santos 2016 | Stage 1
Edited by Smiley_Beat
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Here we go, round three! I'm posting 10 pictures but first, the final part of Alexas' biography.


Alexa moved to Los Santos at the age of 19 after her uncle had passed away. She purchased a small apartment on Spanish Avenue with some of the inheritance money where she lived for 3 years. Alexa continued studying law at the University of San Andreas, Los Santos while teaching English part time at a language school in downtown Los Santos. Alexa turned 23 years and celebrated it by herself by returning to her parents house, which was also legally hers. She returned to Los Santos a week later to continue teaching English.

During one of Alexas' coffee breaks, she heard over the news that three murderers were currently in the state of San Andreas. The news reporter specifically mentioned that they have been confirmed to have a connection with the brutal murders that occurred in Great Britain a few years ago. Alexa knew straight away that they were her parents killers. She literally stood up and walked out of the language school.
Alexa put her lifetime dreams of being an English teacher and lawyer on hold so she could hunt down the three murderers and avenge her parents. Alexa knew she would need gear, vehicles, clothing and of course... Guns. Lots of guns. Alexa inherited approximately $60.000.000 from her parents and the priceless Pistol .50 from her uncle. She spent her money wisely. She purchased Arcadius Business Center shares to make money. She then purchased an office within the Arcadius Business Center, but this wasn't your everyday office. Alexa had the office custom made including a gun locker, a three dimensional map of the entire San Andreas state, she hired an assistant that had to swear secrecy about what Alexa was doing. She then purchased ten high performance motorcycles, one of which had a personalized license plate saying "H0TCH1CK". She has done a deal with Buckingham and Los Santos International Airport which allows her to access the airport whenever she may need to and also have flying lessons, then eventually she will have access to Buckingham's entire fleet of vehicles.

Alexa spent over $200.000 on weapons, explosives and ammunition. However her uncles' platinum Pistol .50 is still her go to weapon and she doesn't go anywhere without it. The last thing on Alexas' prepare list was clothing. She wanted to go for something flirty and practical, but still say to guys "if you come near me, you'll walk away with at least one broken bone". Alexas' signature outfit is basically inspired by her motorcycles' license plate. Simply called, The Hotchick. Consisting of all black apparel, exposing a lot of skin yet maintaining a tactical appearance. To finish the outfit off, Alexa wears a pair of black gun range glasses. Her uncle used to wear black glasses.

Now at the age of 26, Alexa is still searching for her parents killers and she won't give up until she finds them. Her uncles' training has taught her to fight her fears, have self-esteem and most of all, stay strong. Just remember, behind the Hotchick, behind the powerful Pistol .50 and behind those black glasses is still the kind and helpful Alexa she has been since the day she was born. And that will never change.


1. Alexa at LSIA wearing her flirty executive outfit while standing in front of the vehicles LSIA officials have lent her.


2. When at home, she likes to lose the gear and weaponry and just relax in her underwear.


3. Sitting in her offices' break area, wearing her main executive outfit.


4. A full shot of her main executive outfit. Obviously, still sticking to a flirty theme.


5. Occasionally, Alexa wears turtlenecks around the house on cold days.


6. She doesn't always wear glasses and black clothes. Sometimes she likes to dress up a little and shop at Vangelico.


7. She's a big fan of peacoats and overcoats, not much else to say about that. Except for, well, she loves that pose.


8. Leather lover.


9. A day off relaxing in her robes on her yacht named after her uncles' boat, Divinity.


10. Alexa has two kinds of professional, executive professional and her profession. This picture is of her wearing her catsuit outfit.


And there were go, that's it! Looking foward to see the results, but most of all:


Edited by REXX93
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Rooting for Natalie, Specter, and livejoker 💩.

I'll take that poop trophy and put it on my poop shelf where I look at it while I poop and remember what could've been.



guess i aint got what the people wanted

Hey, didn't dig you much in the end of the first stage (you know why) but over the 2nd round the more it went on the more I liked you. Amazing use of pics/gifs made me laugh and just your attitude of "well if it goes to sh*t I'm okay with it" left a lasting impression on me. Everyone either moans real hard out or are way too cheerful. You're the perfect blend of "glad to be a part of this" and "f*ck this, I'm gonna get myself a smoothie". Looking back on it, it's a shame Betty didn't move on. She had hands down the best presented entry in both the first and second round. :cookie::^:

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Hey, didn't dig you much in the end of the first stage (you know why) but over the 2nd round the more it went on the more I liked you. Amazing use of pics/gifs made me laugh and just your attitude of "well if it goes to sh*t I'm okay with it" left a lasting impression on me. Everyone either moans real hard out or are way too cheerful. You're the perfect blend of "glad to be a part of this" and "f*ck this, I'm gonna get myself a smoothie". Looking back on it, it's a shame Betty didn't move on. She had hands down the best presented entry in both the first and second round. :cookie::^:



I appreciate the kind words homie, the role of black sheep is one i try to play with vigor


I'll admit I am a bit upset, specially since I did put some work into my entries (those f*ckin videos man) but at least now I can provide some unsolicited color commentary without having to worry about campaigning and such

Edited by YA BOY DIRT
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Not A Nice Person

Rooting for Mr. Specter and Ill Audio, gotta support the fellow models.

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ill audio and smiley best have most unique faces so im rooting for them.

Edited by Qaziush
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Rooting for Natalie, Specter, and livejoker 💩.


Rooting for Mr. Specter and Ill Audio, gotta support the fellow models.


ill audio and smiley beat have most unique faces so im rooting for them.





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