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Vice City 35/36 Unique Jumps - And I cant do the last one PLS HELP&#33



ok so heres my situation, im trying to get 100% on vice city on my pc, actually i am on 89%. The problem is when i was doing the unique stunt jumps there was one stunt jump left and for some reason i wasnt getting the uniquestunt bonus. i thought it was a glitch so i reloaded one of my saves wayyy back and tried doing the same stunt jump and sure enough i completed it. so is there anyway to fix this without starting all over?




and heres my save



<a href="http://gtasnp.com/k9hFoP"target="_blank">http://gtasnp.com/k9hFoP</a>


please a lot help mee!

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4 answers to this question

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The Stunt Jump that you have posted is one you have already completed on the Save File and not the one you are missing for 100% which is why you are not getting the Unique Stunt Bonus when you try to complete it.


The Stunt Jump that you were actually missing was this one on the other island in the game:



Using your save file, I've completed this Stunt Jump for you and re-uploaded the Save File though you don't have to use this and can complete it yourself now you know where it is.

For: @kevinkarsai

Mission: Boomshine Saigon

Link: http://gtasnp.com/IB8Apv

Notes: Saved at the Vercetti Estate


Good Luck with the rest of the game! :)

Edited by GTAKid667

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Thank you mate, you are a very nice man. I dont know how can i thank it for you! Glad to see people like you! Once again Thank you!!

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I had this problem too, 2 unique stunts were missing and I couldn't find them (I jumped all 36 stunts, but didn't achieve "Unique Stunt Bonus" on any of them). But I found a solution. After deleting gtavc.set file and repeating all stunts I found the missing ones. This worked for me and one other guy.

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Is there a way to see which jump i am missing on the PS4 version? I've been stuck FOREVVVVAAAA and want to platinum VC before i move on to SA.


Edit. Got it. :)

Edited by Dream-_-Traveler

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