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did rockstar made gta v military to unrealistic+aggressive?


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did rockstar made gta v military to unrealistic+aggressive??

i mean who in military would be enough dumb to shoot down any commercial airplane even if it fliesmaybey acidentaly over restricted military base??i mean irl it would mean killing unknown people and i really doubt anybody is enough dumb do it at irl..

it would be big news at paper,if military would do such thing in reality.

so is military unrealistic and to aggressive+made to dumb

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and secondly why military never detect us flying at no fly space?i think there was serval misions what sayd,that some aeras are no fly zone...

why not add small chance getting detected,if while flying there

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Fly Accidentally? Nope. The military base warn you to leave the area. You do get wanted stars but they become aggressive only when you don't leave the area despite the warnings, which makes sense, at least, in game.

This is video game not real life. Follow the rules of the game. Its like complaining if we can drive any vehicle and fly around anywhere in video games then why can't we do the same real life, because you can't.

The fact that you don't get military or 6 stars, isn't realistic enough for you?

Right.. Enjoy GTA V.

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to avoid them even seeing you just go atleast 3 small lines of height higher than main lowest wide line of height marker on radar or just go higher until you start seeing clouds under you, then you are safe to cross any restricted areas, since there is pretty big gap between maximum height and minimum height for them to detect you flying over!

Edited by Jaanus949
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