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Gta 5 Modded Outfit Glitch (Tutorial)


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Gta 5 Modded Outfit Glitch (Tutorial)In this post i will be showing you guys how to create a awesome modded
looking outfit without no mods this outfit honestly look awesome check
out the finder of this glitch he's name is gera gaming i've got a
written and video tutorial on how to do this

Written Tutorial to save ceo outfit called Warlord:

1.go to a yacht and regester as a ceo

2. before entering the pool select the ceo/vip outfit you want to save ( Warlord) then enter the pool keep interaction menu open and when clothes come off
go once to the left with the outfits and back to the outfit u want to
save so now you in the pool with the outfit on

3.retire as a ceo/vip

4. place 2 sticky bombs on the top step of pool stand next to them (dont go to far away from the pool or outfit goes)

5. open interaction menu go to the ceo section and re register as a ceo you will get a message asking if ur sure press X while spamming LEFT on
your D pad this will blow you up as you accept been a ceo
when you blow the sticky bombs up make sure you body lands away from the pool or you will spawn with normal clothes

6.when you respawn you should have the vip/ceo outfit and if u open the ceo management style it will say outfit none just close inaction menu
and head into closet or clothes store while you are still registered as a

7.once at a closet or store you will be able to enter the different clothing catagorys but wont be able to save but just go to the hats and
change hat

8. stand next to front desk of store or in closet and retire as ceo and spam RIGHT on ur Dpad and tow you can save it as an outfit

Written Tutorial for no shoulder:

1) Go to the clothing store and make sure you have no top on and open up your interaction menugo to style, accessories then scroll down to gloves scroll it 2 to the
right and it should bring you brown driving gloves then go up to chains
and go one to the right then go back to gloves and scroll it one to the
right then go back to chains then once to the right and back to gloves
and once to the right keep doing this until you get the invisible torso
& shoulder

2) Remove the chain on you so head over to accessories in the clothing
store and take it off and go to where accesories is and equip the black desert scarf.

Get the Duffel Bag:

Last thing to do is to equip the duffle bag so get an outfit with a
duffle bag (link to a video in the description) get into a helicopter
fly up then jump out and equip a parachute then open your interaction
menu then hover over the modded outfit you saved then once you land and
your about to fully take off your parachute press x on the modded outfit
and it should give the modded outfit the duffle bag

Video Tutorial:

Thanks for reading this post hope this helps have a good day!!
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Says in title modded outfit, says in description how to create a outfit without mods.


"Modded looking outfits". I guess they got me there.


Those glitched outfits have been posted many times before as well. It's just poorly written instructions/video on how to get a duffel bag, CEO outfit and invisible shoulders.

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